Top 20 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings:

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Here is our top 20 Fantasy Quarterback Rankings. This is for standard formats and non-dynasty leagues.

1. Aaron Rodgers (GB)-

-Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league and no matter what teams throw at him, he’s pretty productive. He still had a tremendous season last year even with injuries to many of his top receivers and tight ends, a line that was a mess and zero running game. Though the receivers are a bit of a question mark with the departure of Greg Jennings, the Packers line and running game should be stronger, which should boost Rodgers effectiveness.

2. Drew Brees (NO)-

-Despite all the controversy surrounding the Saints last year, Brees put up another big year. His yards and touchdowns were off the charts once again. While his completion percentage was down and his INT’s were up, both numbers should improve now that the team is a bit more stabilized.

3. Peyton Manning (DEN)-

Peyton Manning had a tremendous fantasy year last season and the Broncos went out and got a top guard, a top slot receiver and some more talent at running back in the draft. Some may try to make the claim that Manning struggled down the stretch, but it simply isn’t true. His QB rating was still over 100  for the 2nd half of the season and his difference in completions between the two halves was a total of six. With the addition of the extra protection and new weapons, Manning could have a huge season.

4. Tom Brady (NE)-

-The Patriots became a more balanced team last year, but it didn’t hurt Brady’s fantasy impact. In fact it could make him more dangerous because it adds another element that defenses need to account for, also it should prevent as many 3rd and long scenarios. The one thing that could cause a slight decrease in production is the loss of Wes Welker and the injury cloud surrounding Rob Gronkowski.

5. Collin Kaepernick (SF)-

Kaepernick could get a huge boost to his fantasy numbers, given his rushing ability. He looked great in the post season and is on the most stacked team in the NFL. The addition of Anquan Boldin and Vance McDonald could help his passing numbers as well.

6. Matt Ryan (ATL)-

-The Falcons have some questions along the offensive line, but they still have the top three weapons of any team in the league and should add a positive rushing attack this year. Ryan should be in line for another huge year this season.

7. Andrew Luck (IND)-

-Luck had a big rookie campaign, but saw a high interception rate and lower completion percentage. With Bruce Arians moved on, the Colts tapped his former QB coach from Stanford as their new offensive coordinator. I’d expect Luck’s numbers to improve just from the coaching switch, but they could see a bigger jump given the personnel around him this year. The Colts last year relied on a lot of rookies for Luck’s weapons, all should see their talent improve this year. Also, the Colts went out and really bolstered the offensive line in front of Luck this season giving him further protection. Luck won’t have the rushing numbers of some of the read option QB’s, but he should add some solid yards and 4-6 TD’s on the ground.

8. Russell Wilson (SEA)-

-Wilson was absolutely huge the 2nd half of the year once the Seahawks went to more of a read option attack and opened up the playbook for Wilson. Projecting those numbers over a full season, Wilson’s fantasy value should skyrocket this season. Add in the new weapon of Percy Harvin, and Wilson’s yards and TD’s are bound to go up. One concern is their question mark at RT, but it shouldn’t impact Wilson’s production too much.

9. Cam Newton (CAR)-

Cam Newton has a lot of potential, but it is important to not over value him. He did lead the team in rushing, to go along with his 3,800 yards, but he struggled the first part of the season. Through the first eight games he had more interceptions (8) than passing touchdowns (6). He did pick it up in the 2nd half of the season, but he’s not a guy who can carry your fantasy team on his back. It’s not all of Newton’s fault though. The offensive line struggled last year, and his weapons aren’t exactly that great. The line might see a slight improvement this year, but neither should be considered top tier. Newton could get some help from an improved defense, giving him the ball with better field position.

10. Matt Stafford (DET)-

-Stafford led the league in completions and attempts last year, but his TD numbers were way down as were his yards per attempt. Stafford added four rushing touchdowns last season, but that really isn’t his game and it is more likely to be zero or one this year. Stafford does return the best receiver in the league and the Lions hopefully found a running game with Reggie Bush. Just by sheer numbers Stafford should be a solid fantasy option.

11. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)-

-Roethlisberger’s injuries are always a concern, but when he plays Roethlisberger produces. Another thing that Roethlisberger has going for him is the fact that both his offensive line and running game should be much healthier and improved from a year ago. The loss of Mike Wallace could sting some, but the Steelers always seem to find a way to replace their receivers. Drafting Roethlisberger demands a strong back-up due to the risk, but the upside can be there as well.

12. Robert Griffin III (WAS)-

-RGIII is another quarterback who comes with his share of injury risk. Coming off a torn ACL in the playoffs, it is unclear at this point both when and how Griffin will come back. Even if Griffin does play all 16 games, it is very likely that his rushing will be more limited this year (at least the first half of the year). Given how little the Redskins threw last year, if Griffin isn’t rushing his fantasy value really takes a hit. He could be a great option to try to steal later though for your postseason run, just make sure you have another quarterback option the first half of the season.

13. Tony Romo (DAL)-

-Romo in four of his five full seasons as a starter has been over the 4,000 yard mark and in all five of those seasons he’s had 26 or more touchdowns. Last year Romo had over 4,900 yards and 28 TD’s, though his interceptions spiked to 19. Romo should once again be throwing quite a bit and is a safe bet for 4,000 yards and 26 TD’s, the big question is what will his INT’s be. The Cowboys added some weapons and protection in the draft, though how much early impact they have is up for debate.

14. Eli Manning (NYG)-

-Eli saw his number plummet last season, and while an improved offensive line, and healthier receivers should see an increase, the lack of consistency is troubling. Eli will put up some huge games, but he’s not the best week-to-week option.

15. Ryan Tannehill (MIA)-

-Tannehill had a much better rookie year than he’s given credit for. With all the added weapons this year we could see a bit of a breakout year for the second year signal caller. One question is will the offensive line hold-up this year.

16. Andy Dalton (CIN)-

-The Bengals boast a strong line and one of the best receivers in the game, but Dalton has needed more weapons. This year he should have them as Cincy added the top TE in the draft and a quick running back who can be a weapon out of the backfield. Dalton won’t be a premier fantasy starter, but would be a great number two option.

17. Sam Bradford (STL)-

-The Rams may finally have an offensive line in front of Bradford and should have the weapons to give him the help he’s been lacking. There are a lot of question marks still, but he’s definitely someone who could end up as a top 10 fantasy QB when the year is out.

18. Jay Cutler (CHI)-

-The Bears have bolstered Cutler’s weapons and protection, but it is still unclear if they’ve done enough. He can put up solid fantasy numbers, but is still probably a better option as a number two quarterback.

19. Matt Schaub (HOU)-

-The whispers of Schaub’s job being in jeopardy probably don’t have much stock to them, but it is concerning how much he struggled down the stretch. He was fairly consistent in the first half of the season, but by the second half he was a poor fantasy play. The Texans did add another receiver in DeAndre Hopkins, but can Schaub still be a fantasy starter is def. in question. That being said he’s a good option to have as a back-up.

20. Josh Freeman (TB)-

-Freeman has been one of the more inconsistent QB’s so far, showing plenty of flashes, but also plenty of question marks. With two really good receivers and an offensive line that is much healthier this season this could be a big year for Freeman (also its a contract year for Freeman so he has a lot to play for).

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