How Many Fantasy Leagues Do You Play in Each Season?

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By Guest Writer Megan Shoup:

So last year was my first Fantasy Football league. And while I used some strategies that I’ll keep secret, they seemed to work for me because I was in first place all season and lost in game before Super Bowl.  Whether it was beginner’s luck or not, I’m now hooked and want to play in more than just the Fanspeak Fantasy league next year. Oh yeah, and I want to play in paid leagues too, that’s how confident I am now!

So my question to you Fantasy Football fans is, how many Fantasy Football leagues do you play in each season?  How many paid, and what amount to do you feel comfortable “gambling”?

The other question if you’re in multiple Fantasy Football leagues is, do you use same strategies for each or a different plan for each league and see what works?

I think that may be my plan this year, I may have an all-Redskins team for one of my leagues and see what happens. Ok maybe not that extreme, but I would like to try some different strategies for each league if I’m going to play in 3 Fantasy leagues (2 of them being paid), which is my plan.

So do you use different strategies for each league? If you feel comfortable sharing which general strategy is your favorite, go ahead, I’m taking notes!

And stay tuned to this Fantasy Football blog on as we’ll be covering the Fantasy Football world a bunch this summer!



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