Fantasy Football Top 5 – Most Over Valued

By John Manuel:


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Week 1 – Top 5 QB 2s


Week 2 – Most Overvalued using Fantasy Pros:

1- Jamaal Charles (12)- I just don’t have faith using a top of the 2nd round pick on a guy who is coming off his second major injury.  Plus Charles is coming up on his 30th birthday and we know what that means.  The savior is that giving the chance last season none of Charles backups stepped up and took the job.

2- Eddie Lacy (21)- As someone who got screwed by Lacy and his fatness in 2015 maybe I have a grudge.  I think he is still a risk no matter how many pictures you see on the internet of his weight loss.  I would have more faith taking a solid WR or a guy like Thomas Rawls (27) instead of Lacy.

3- Carlos Hyde (38)- He had a giant week one and then became a dud then got hurt.  Are you confident with Hyde as your fourth pick also?  The reason I may be wrong is simple…the other options for the Niners aren’t very good.  And that maybe Chip Kelly makes Hyde a star.  But Kelly had a star last season and he sucked in Murray.  And San Fran should be bad and that never helps in fantasy unless you go gunslinger QB.

4- Dez Bryant (11)- He should be pretty good but I would be nervous and rather take my chances on AJ Green or even Allen Robinson.  Bryant like others on my list got hurt early, lost his QB and never got it going.  But could Romo go down again?  Yes.  And the Cowboys did Bryant no favor by not addressing the number two QB in the off season.

5- Coby Fleener (75)- I got one tight end for you.  What has Fleener done to make you think he will be a top tight end?  He couldn’t hack it with his college buddy Andrew Luck in Indy so why would he do it Nola?  He isn’t Jimmy Graham also.  Guys like Barnidge, Ertz, Julius Thomas and Jimmy Graham are getting drafted lower and our better options.  I am just not buying the Nola and Brees thing for Fleener.