Fantasy Football Top 5 – Fantasy Football Mysteries

By John Manuel:

Each week we’ll add a new “Top 5” Fantasy Football primer (links below) to get you ready for the 2016 NFL season and your upcoming fantasy football drafts! Enjoy!


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1- Taking a kicker in any round other than the last round. 

I never understood this unless you get points way beyond the normal point scoring system for kickers.  I feel like he difference from Gostkowski to Santos is not much.  Like 1-2 points per week.  And kicking is a crap shoot based on how teams do in the red zone or where they play come December.  And I really shake my head at those who take a backup kicker.

2- I hate when someone grabs an Aaron Rodgers or Cam Newton in round one and then decide to take Blake Bortles or Philip Rivers as a backup in the 6th. 

Why?  It kills the strategy of letting the top guys go early and then waiting till round 7 or 8 to finally take a very good QB.  This is killer in the basic ten team leagues.  And in a ten person league it is tough to trade a 2nd QB so it is just a mind boggler.

3- Why does it take some teams twice as long to draft players in round 13 compared to round 1? 

The draft goes up and down and up and down so you have plenty of time to have two or three guys in your que.  It’s the 13th round buddy you will probably end up dumping that guy for a bye week defense or kicker anyway.  And you can’t mess with them and do they fake clock countdown or buzzer because they get sour and take more time.

4- The guy in the league who has every alert for every team in their phone so they can bum rush the waiver wire 24/7. 

It is just too much.  I just heard Adrian Peterson went crazy on his kid again…too late because that dude had East Texas Police alerts on and already grabbed McKinnon an hour ago.  Make sure you close your waiver wires from Sunday to Tuesday at least.

5- Having daily fantasy guys and also playing against those guys in your regular yearly league. 

Just sucks.  It’s almost do you want to play to win some cash today or can you wait for a larger prize in 3 months?  I can’t answer which is best.  It’s too tough not play daily fantasy and keep away from players you are playing in one of your regular games.