DraftKings Tiers Core Plays – Week 2

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Have you ever played the Tiers contests on DraftKings? If not, could I interest you in a game that you don’t have to worry about salaries or defenses? You literally just need to pick the highest-scoring player in each tier. Ah, but it’s not that easy! The Tiers format has its own strategies and nuances. I covered 3 reasons to play the Tiers game and 5 strategies to have an edge on the field in the very first Tiers for Fears on the Mayo Media Network.

But the best part is we can use Run the Sims, an excellent fantasy tools site, for extra leverage against our competition.  The Run the Sims Percentile Projections and Rangefinder tools are excellent tools to look at ceiling outcome opportunities and help make 1 v 1 player decisions. So let’s take a look at Week 2 on DraftKings Tiers!



-I play about 20 Tiers lineups per week. So when I mention “sprinkle”, I’m probably just playing them a couple of times.  Then I try to rotate through the rest of my favorite and core players.

Want more details on why I’m choosing these core plays? Watch the video version with more explanation of my favorite and core plays!  Watch Week 2 Tiers for Fears on the Fanspeak HERE!

The Tiers Simulator is BACK! I loaded up my favorite plays for Week 2 and the Tiers simulator will give you different lineup suggestions to help you start building Tiers lineups.




Favorite:  Russell Wilson
Other Core:  Lamar Jackson
Sprinkle:  Kyler Murray
Fade:  Joe Burrow


Favorite:  Cooper Kupp (1A)
Other Core:  Davante Adams (1B), Jonathan Taylor
Sprinkle:  Christian McCaffery


Favorite:   Joe Mixon
Other Core:  Saquon Barkley, D’Andre Swift (watch injury news)


Favorite:  Tyreek Hill
Other Core:   James Conner, Michael Pittman Jr.
Sprinkle:  Leonard Fournette
*Watch injury news, especially in this tier.



Favorite:  Derek Carr
Sprinkle: Tua Tagovailoa






Favorite:  Christian Kirk
Other Core:  Brandin Cooks, Jerry Jeudy, DJ Moore
Sprinkle:  Darren Waller
Fade:  RBS – Jacobs, Elliott, Patterson

Use Fanspeak’s Tiers Simulator for Week 2 DraftKings’ Tiers contests! 



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