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COVID Donation Progress

Fanspeak will be donating $2 back to Feeding America for every Ultimate GM No Ads subscription sold.   

Bookmark this page as we track our donation progress! Our goal is to donate $5,000 by the 2021 NFL Draft to Feeding America, which would be 2,500 Ultimate GM subscriptions sold! Help us get to our donation goal and upgrade to Ultimate GM here!



NOTE:  This page will be updated every Friday. And we will make monthly donations to Feeding America through the end of 2020 and bimonthly donations in 2021.

DATE UPDATED:  February 19, 2021 (2 p.m. EST)

Ultimate GM subscriptions sold:  879

Total Donation Amount:  $1758


October Donation to Feeding America:  $154

November Donation to Feeding America:  $130 

December Donation to Feeding America:  $314

January Donation to Feeding America:  $712