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The Seattle Seahawks may have just won the Super Bowl, officially ending the 2013-2014 NFL season, but it is never too early to look at Super Bowl odds for next season.

According to the website Pregame.com, the Ravens odds of winning Super Bowl XLIX––hosted by the Arizona Cardinals––are 40/1.

Joe Flacco

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This puts them right in the middle in terms of the other teams. Nine teams are listed as having 40/1 odds including the Pittsburgh Steelers. The other two teams in the AFC North, the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns, have 25/1 and 75/1 odds respectively.

Being put in the middle makes sense for the Ravens as they are coming off a completely average campaign that saw them finish 8-8. They also missed the playoffs for the first time under head coach John Harbaugh.

There are still many holes to fill on the roster, though there is plenty of time to do that as free agency and the draft are still in the distance.

Currently, the Seahawks––surprise!––are listed as the favorites at 7/1 followed by the Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers at 8/1. At the bottom of the pack are the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders who have 200/1 odds.

Here is a look at all the other teams’ odds:

Seahawks: 7/1
Broncos: 8/1
49ers: 8/1
Patriots: 12/1
Packers: 20/1
Saints: 20/1
Bengals: 25/1
Falcons: 25/1
Panthers: 25/1
Bears: 30/1
Cardinals: 30/1
Chiefs: 30/1
Colts: 30/1
Eagles: 30/1
Chargers: 40/1
Cowboys: 40/1
Giants: 40/1
Lions: 40/1
Rams: 40/1
Ravens: 40/1
Redskins: 40/1
Steelers: 40/1
Texans: 40/1
Dolphins: 50/1
Buccaneers: 60/1
Titans: 60/1
Bills: 75/1
Browns: 75/1
Jets: 75/1
Vikings: 100/1
Jaguars: 200/1
Raiders: 200/1

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