Ravens White House Visit Date Set

Baltimore Ravens News Super Bowl XLVII

One of the perks of winning the Super Bowl is to take a visit to the White House and meet the current president of the United States.  It is not just reserved for football though, as all champions of major US sports get to take a visit.

Since the Ravens just won Super Bowl XLVII, they will be taking a visit.  That date has now been set as Wednesday, June 5.  Today is Friday, May 31, so the visit will take place soon.

President Barack Obama has spoken to head coach John Harbaugh and General Manager Ozzie Newsome already, as he called them two days after the Ravens won the Super Bowl to congratulate them on their victory.  Harbaugh also met Obama at a Gridiron Dinner back in March.

Whenever a team makes this trip, they give the president some type of memorabilia.  A team jersey, with the president’s name on, is given. Another popular thing to give along with the jersey is a football autographed by the team.

The last time the Ravens won the Super Bowl was in 2001 when George W. Bush was the president.

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