Joe Flacco’s Weight Gain

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Time for more news from the Ravens’ OTAs.  This time, it involves an offensive player who has already made lots of news this offseason.  This player, is quarterback Joe Flacco.

Flacco has been in the news this offseason already for being the MVP of Super Bowl XLVII and for receiving the richest contract in NFL history (now broken by the Aaron Rodgers).

Joe Flacco

Ravens QB Joe Flacco has added 7 pounds so far this offseason.

Now, in less significant news, it is reported that Flacco arrived to OTAs at 252 pounds.  At first look, it seems like Flacco is overweight as that number is the same as many pass rushers in the NFL.

However, last season Flacco played at 245 pounds.  This means that Flacco has only gained 7 pounds this offseason which isn’t much.

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, who reported this news on SportsCenter, said that Flacco seemed to have gained muscle on his upper body.  This means that Flacco probably has hit the weight room seriously for the first time.

Winning the Super Bowl probably motivated Flacco to work harder so he can become one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks and to try and help the Ravens get back to the Super Bowl.

I doubt this has an effect on Flacco’s performance this season.  He isn’t a running quarterback so he doesn’t need to be fast and adding weight usually slows you down.  Since, Paolantonio said it seemed to be upper body muscle gained, it will be interesting to see if Flacco can throw harder or farther than before.  It would be hard for him to do this as Flacco already has one of the NFL’s strongest arms.  In fact, coming out of college, Flacco could throw the ball 74 yards in the air.

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