Jacoby Jones Shines In Hometown

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII
Jacoby Jones

During the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl XLVII, lots of people, including me, were talking about Ravens S Ed Reed returning to his hometown of New Orleans for the Super Bowl.  Well, Ravens WR Jacoby Jones is from New Orleans as well, and he had an amazing game.

Reed did have a good game, recording an interception but, Jones had an even better one.  He set the Super Bowl record for all-purpose yards with 290.  Of these 290 yards, 56 were receiving yards and 234 were return yards.

Jacoby Jones

Ravens WR Jacoby Jones celebrates his kickoff return for a touchdown.

Most of his 234 return yards came on an 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown to start the second half.  This was originally ruled to be a return of 109 yards but it was changed after further review of the play.  The play (seen here) was still a Super Bowl record return though.  After scoring the touchdown, Jones gave a little tribute to retiring LB Ray Lewis by doing Lewis’s introduction dance.  Earlier in the year, week 6 against the Dallas Cowboys, Jones also had an 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown.  This return was his third kickoff return for a touchdown and fourth total as he had one punt return touchdown.

Returning a kickoff for a touchdown was not all Jones did though. With 1:45 left in the first half, Jones scored on a 56 yard touchdown catch.  On the play, Jones ran a deep route.  While catching the ball, Jones fell to the ground and wasn’t touched by San Francisco 49ers CB Chris Culliver.  Jones realized this and got up right away, he then was able to outrun the two 49ers defenders in the area for a touchdown.  This was the only catch that Jones had on two targets but he made it count

When asked about this play, Jones said “Football is a chess match sometimes.  We watched film.  It was a play we dialed up and we knew they’d play coverage a certain way.  [Chris Culliver and Donte Whitner] both bit and Joe threw a perfect ball.”

After the game, there was some talk that Jones should have won the MVP award.  He did set the Super Bowl record with 290 all-purpose yards but, only 56 were receiving yards.  When you factor in the great game that QB Joe Flacco had, then the award should have gone to Flacco.  The runner-up for this award was definitely Jones though.

Jones doesn’t believe that he deserved the award either.  When asked, Jones said “No. I  just played my role, I did my job that I was supposed to do.  When they call your name, you have to show up and play your role.  I played my role.  Joe Flacco deserves it because if you see what he did in that postseason, he threw 11 touchdowns and no picks.”

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