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Just a few hours ago the NFL announced that Ravens S Ed Reed has been suspended for 1 game for repeated violations of the rule prohibiting hits to the head and neck area of defenseless players.

During this suspension, Reed isn’t allowed to be at the Ravens practice facility until after the game against the San Diego Chargers, which is this Sunday.  He will also lose his game check which is worth $423,529.

Ed Reed

Ravens star S Ed Reed has been suspended one game.

Last night, against the Steelers, Reed had his third hit in as many years.  Here is the video of Reed’s hit on Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders last night and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh’s statement on the subject.  The two other incidents occurred on September 23, 2012 against the New England Patriots and December 19, 2010 against the New Orleans Saints.

The hit against the Patriots was on WR Deion Branch on a pass over the middle.  You can see the hit here (skip ahead to 0:42).  Right after the play, Reed and Branch embraced each other so you can tell he didn’t mean to do it. Reed was also flagged on this play and fined $21,000 for the hit.

The hit against the Saints was on QB Drew Brees and Reed was penalized for roughing the passer and was later fined $10,000 for his hit.  Unfortunately, I can’t find any video footage of this play.  However, this play occurred in 2010 which was a long, long time ago by NFL standards.

Not surprisingly, Reed has already appealed his suspension and a hearing is expected on Wednesday.  My opinion on the matter is very similar to the ESPN people on this video.  The NFL may have good intentions to try and stop the helmet to helmet hits in the NFL, but they are enforcing it the wrong way.  Trey Wingo says it best a 3:27 in this video, saying the main difference in a clean hit and illegal hit is whether the receiver ducks or not.  If you go around the league, people will tell you that Ed Reed isn’t at head hunter at all. For one, he has never played this way, and two he would be putting himself at risk because of his nerve damage in his neck and shoulders.  If Reed’s suspension is upheld, the Ravens will start either James Ihedigbo or Sean Considine in his place.

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