About Fanspeak.com

What is Fanspeak.com?

Fanspeak is for the diehard football fan! NFL Draft, free agency, fantasy football, daily fantasy, sports betting and more…we have you covered!

Fanspeak provides fans tools & resources to help them enjoy the game they love even more. The tools & simulators allow the fans to have an interactive experience as a GM or Fantasy GM. And there are many other resources like mock drafts, mock draft databases, player analysis articles and more!

Check it out HERE on our Toolbox page!

Be the GM for your favorite team with On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator!

Or be the Ultimate GM and simulate the entire offseason!

We have added plenty of great content for fantasy football, daily fantasy football, and sports betting too! We love fantasy football and sports betting and are excited to share our content and analysis.


Fanspeak.com was created by Steve and Megan Shoup, a brother and sister who are fanatical sports fans. They decided to take fate into their own hands and start a business venture revolving around their passion. They partnered with Digital Ink and developer Jason Unger, and the rest is history.

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*Fanspeak.com is dedicated to our grandparents, who taught us the value and meaning of being a sports fan.