Making a Case to Fire Ernie Grunfeld

January 11, 2013 in State of the Wizards

By Staff Writer John Manuel:

This post may sound familiar to you. That's because I wrote something like it before, and now its time to again.

Fire Grunfeld now!

Fire Grunfeld NOW!

There may be only one person in Washington DC with a worst job approval rating than the United States Congress and his name is of course Ernie Grunfeld.  Unlike members of congress, we cannot vote out Grunfeld, only one man can and he is Ted Leonsis.  But Leonsis has decided not to help us out as fans and continues to employ Ernie as the Wizards become more and more of an embarrassment.  We are reaching Clippers levels of the past and reaching them quickly.

Even after an exciting win of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Washington sits at 5-28.  Half the wins of Redskins in twice the games.  But Leonsis sits back and makes no attempt to rectify this sadness as $1.50 tickets all over stub hub.  Grunfeld should be been gone last spring but he stayed.

Atlanta was a team going nowhere so they made a change and brought in DC's own Danny Ferry.  What did Ferry do?  He cleared some bad contracts and his team is still winning at 20-14.  Atlanta had better talent but now they are also in better shape for this summer and to land someone like Dwight Howard.  They may get Howard, we will still have Nene and Okafor.  Again, I like Nene when he can give 35 minutes, but that does just not happen.  He gives 25-30 and will be here at high dollars for 4 more years unless Grunfeld swaps him for more bad contracts.

Leonsis and Grunfeld will probably tell you that wait till John Wall returns soon and we are at full strength.  I think they feel and hope they have a superstar player in Wall, but he is not.  He was a former number one pick but he is not in the range of Rose, Paul, Parker, etc.  And I like Wall but I see him as someone waiting for a chance to take his talents elsewhere at this point.

We can go through what Ernie has done in the draft recently but everyone knows all that.  But real quick here are some stats.  Vesely gives them 13 minutes a game and is shooting a solid 24% from the line to bring in 2.6 ppg.  Chris Singleton is going for 4-4-1 a night if he plays.  Maybe Seraphin is the bright spot as a big man giving 5 rebounds a game.

As for last summer’s big trade.  Ariza and Okafor a lighting it up for 16 points a night.  Not each, total together that is.  Washington has zero players shooting better than 50% from the field.  A stat that proves Ernie has a 5-28 team with low talent.

I knew the trade was a disaster but the Wizards had to add veterans instead of just amnestying Rashard Lewis.  I would much rather them have buried Andray Blatche on the bench till his contract ran out instead of using the amnesty on him.  But Ernie and Ted didn't.

Not firing Ernie Grunfeld has me petrified what will happen come the trade deadline and into the draft.  Good news is that the Wizards do not have much talent to trade away and make another error or the cap room to add more bad contracts.  A team this bad should have plenty of space for the summer, they don't.  Houston cleared out because they knew they were not going anywhere then went out and got James Harden.  Winning move, unlike Grunfeld who passed.  Now Houston will most likely have money to play with also the next two summers.  And the Wizards curse will most likely hit them again come draft day where they most likely are no sure bet for number one guy out there.  Much like the years of Kwame Brown and John Wall.  The draft of 2014 has incredible promise but Grunfeld will probably send that pick for another 8 point a game vet who made his name in college.  Time to fire Grunfeld!



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