March 26, 2013 in Team Needs

While NFL Free Agency still has some activity, it has slowed down quite a bit. And the focus now shifts for NFL Teams as to determining their biggest needs for the upcoming 2013 NFL Draft. So Fanspeak decided to create an Infographic in the form of a matrix to show the following:

1. ) All 32 NFL Teams and their respective position needs

2.) Which positions are most desired  and "in need" in the upcoming Draft

While the NFL team needs are changing daily, hopefully this is a good guide to use throughout the rest of free agency and to prep for the 2013 NFL Draft.


2013 NFL Draft Team Needs from


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A full Team Needs Report for all 32 NFL Teams with detailed explanation will be available in Fanspeak's FREE NFL Draft Guide on April 1! You can download your NFL Draft Guide here!

  • John Manuel

    The Raiders one is funny

  • Steve Shoup

    haha yeah the Raiders and Jags are in the worst shape (Jets aren't far behind)

  • Miles McCaroll

    The New Orleans Saints definately need a backup QB or two. Maybe a young qb to groom for the future ala Aaron Rogers.
    Maybe take a look at a former LSU super star or a former Texas superstar. ( who are both now broke and hungry)