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5 Fast Thoughts on the Redskins Salary Cap

John Manuel

1- Trent Williams has the highest cap number for the Redskins at almost $11 million.

How bad could things get if TW goes down?

Good thing is in the past Washington would be forced to rework this deal but this off-season they are able to probably wait another year to deal with it since they are sitting in very good overall cap shape.  Williams has played his way into a second big contract but Washington can sit on this season and address it 2015.

2- Trade or don’t trade Kirk Cousins?

Before I was backing it but now I would rather only give in for the right trade offer.  Sit back and see if the eventual draftees fail to impress this spring and force a team to look into Cousins more.  Cousins sits at a friendly $668k cap number for 2014.  Check Dallas and you will see that Kyle Orton, their backup has a cap number over $4 million.

3- Washington has put a lot of dollars into the defensive line and did not see much production in 2013.

Three of the top five 2014 cap numbers belong to three d-lineman and since they only play three in a given defensive set, that is crazy.  Add to that of the three only Barry Cofield is healthy currently will most likely see the end of Adam Carriker and possibly Stephen Bowen.  I can’t see even in the good position Washington sits that those guys are not cut are re-worked.  Focus should be on bringing back a guy like Chris Baker over Carriker and Bowen.

4- I would be surprised if the Redskins don’t look to spend money on starting receiver opposite Pierre Garcon.

Garcon has the 2nd highest cap number on the team but is the only receiver with one over 7 figures on the roster.  Unless you count Logan Paulsen who Steve already said could be a potential adjustment or cut to clear more space.  There are no Megatrons or Larry Fitzgeralds out there this spring but many potential #2 guys who will get paid like Decker, Nicks and Maclin.  Also a guy like Golden Tate who could help in the pathetic Washington return game.

5- By the far the most underpaid Redskin is Alfred Morris.  But that is no surprise to anyone I am guessing.

At barely over $600k Morris needs to be paid and I’m guessing that will happen next year when he is eligible to negotiate an extension.  Just for kicks the following guys have larger cap numbers than Morris;  Adam Gettis, Ryan Mouton, Mo Hurt, Josh Hull, Josh LeRibeus, and Steve favorite Sav Rocca.



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