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Skins Next Two Corners?

Steve Shoup

By Adam Frazier

Prospect clips courtesy of Draft Breakdown 

-Today I will be taking a look at Florida’s two corners Loucheiz Purifoy and Marcus Roberson. Through film, I’m going to highlight the traits that make an elite corner and we’ll decide together which one of these two guys are the better fit for our team.

-This is what gets me excited about Marcus Roberson, watch him sink his hips and he’s 0-100 out of his plant. His quickness is unreal

-Here’s a good job by Roberson keeping contain and separating from the WR, however, the way he makes tackles is Ramboish, and quite honestly I’m not a fan of any CB who shoulder tackles and leaves his feet. This is a huge concern for me after watching the Redskin’s Defense tackle last year

-Roberson plays this route perfect, he doesn’t bite for the double move and there’s just no chance for this play. Roberson does a great job through all the film I’ve watched running with any WR in their hip pocket.

-Here’s another issue with Roberson and that’s his ability to jam receivers. You will see him at the top of the screen and he doesn’t jam the WR at all and alter his route. This is alarming to me because I’ve seen it enough that he clearly struggles at it.

-Does Roberson fit on this team? Absolutly the talent is there, but what I cannot stand is that he cannot tackle. That drives me insane as a former DB. However, his speed is unreal and the ability to get to cut with receivers is phenomenal. Bottom line is the kid needs some work but he’s got all the tools to be very good at the next level. I’ll let you decide if you think he’s worth a ‘skins pick.

-I’ll start off with some good and bad with Loucheiz Purifoy. On this play, as Roberson does, he struggles with press. However, he is so quick that even though he gets beat he still puts on some good coverage.

-You’ll see Purifoy lose contain here, however, I have seen much better tackling technique then his counterpart.

-Great route recognition and ability to break on the ball here by Purifoy

-Playmaker, enough said. Kid knows how to create turnovers.

-Purifoy is a very very good corner. I like his ability to tackle but he does leave his feet at times. He needs to fill out a bit but I think he is a great fit for the ‘skins.

-After watching the film a couple times I actually came away impressed with both players. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one is the better fit for the skins.

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