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Fanspeak Redskins Draft Board

This Redskins draft board is a project I’ve been running over on Hogs Haven the past few years. I try to get together a group of guys that follow the draft and, of course, are Redskins fans, to  evaluate draft prospects based on their fit with the Redskins. This year we have the HTTR 24-7 guys Kevin, Ken and Justin coming back along with Manny from Pro Player Insiders to help Steve and I put together the board.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the board works, this is how we rank players: We split each round into three sections: A, B and C. A represents a player graded to go in the top third of the round, B represents a player graded to go in the middle third of the round and C represents a player graded to go in the last third of the round. This board is tailored to the Redskins schemes, so for example; if a player doesn’t fit in the 3-4 defense, his grade will be lowered

>>>Link to the draft board<<<

So far, I’m the only one to update the board with the players I’ve watched. As you can see, I’ve mainly been focused on the wide receivers. These rankings are subject to change as the other guys begin to contribute. We should start to see the board fill up soon, and you can expect a weekly update from me on who we’ve added and why we’ve graded them where they are. But for now, what do you think of the current receiver rankings? Who’s too high? Who’s too low? Who have I left out? Let me know your thoughts.

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