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Redskins Silver Linings Playbook – Part 2: Need to Get to 5-5

Steve Shoup

By Guest Writer Megan Shoup:


If you read my last edition of this, you know I’m not an analyst like my brother Steve. I’m simply a diehard Redskins fan that always finds a way to believe until we are mathematically eliminated.

So after a huge, must needed home win, I think Redskins fans should hope, believe and focus on our next short term goal. That is getting to 5-5 in the next 4 games.

After 0-3 start, I said we had to 2-1 in next 3 games and we did. Now we lost to the Cowboys and beat the Bears, which is not ideal but at least kept the 2-1 record the last 3 games. For the next 4 games we must go 3-1. Why is this so important?

Getting to 5-5 with 6 games left means we may just be able to control our own destiny. It also means we many not have to be forced to go on a 6 game winning streak (similar to last year) to get into the playoffs. And it would be a huge confidence boost to rattle off 3 wins in a row.

I’m counting on Giants still being out of it, the Eagles falling out of the race and the Cowboys to get a couple losses in this stretch. I think this is all realistic based on the Giants schedule the rest of the way, the Eagles inconsistency & QB play/issues and the Cowboys face both the Lions and Saints in the next 4 game stretch.

I’m of course predicting that the Skins will lose in Denver next week and win 3 in a row against Chargers at home, and Vikings and Eagles on the road. Barring a miracle, we need to prepare for a loss Sunday against Peyton & co. And that’s alright, especially against an AFC team. But we do need to win 3 in a row after that to get back to 5-5.

After that, we’ll discuss Part 3 of our hopeful playbook for the last 6 games…but that comes after November 16!  What do you think, is 5-5 realistic?



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