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Redskins 2013 Draft (CONDENSED)

Here is a GREATLY condensed version of the Washington Redskins 2013 Draft. If you want heights and weights and stats and youtube videos, get em yourself!

Free Agency – London Fletcher needs to return. Figure out what Fred Davis is doing/not doing. Beef up OL. Especially RT. With that out of the way…

The first three picks are intriguing. So many options…
Could look like this…

#51 – SS – Jonathan Cyprien
#84 – FS – Phillip Thomas
#116 – CB – Leon McFadden

OR this…

#51 – FS – Eric Reid
#84 – SS – Shamarko Thomas
#116 – CB – Leon McFadden

OR this…

#51 – CB – David Amerson or Jordan Poyer
#84 – SS – Shamarko Thomas
#116 – FS – DJ Swearinger

Which option do you all like most? I’d take ANY OF THEM!!! Just so many interesting combinations of talent. I really think all 3 picks need to be in the secondary though.

EXCEPTION BEING. If Fred Davis hits the ground running come free agency, I might use #116 and try to steal Travis Kelce (TE) projected to go #94 if he’s still available.

The bottom half looks like this… (I decided to roll the dice and go after some firepower, because 32 points a game, just isn’t enough for me!!!)

#147 – RB – Kenjon Barner – Projected #153, but I don’t want to miss out on this guy waiting for our next pick to roll around. Though we could check to see if those 8 teams need a RB and try waiting for pick #155… I guess… He’s fast. Great hands out of the backfield. Always a threat to take it to the house. Could make a GREAT change of pace back from Morris. Possibly the lightening to Morris’ thunder? Also has experience returning kicks/punts.

#155 – OL – Brennan Williams or another OL you like?

#181 – WR – Denard Robinson – I like Josh Johnson (CB) as well but I don’t want to miss out on Denard Robinson. Dude is lethal. Not a #1, go to WR, but his versatility adds CHAPTERS, not mere pages to the playbook.

#212 – CB – Micah Hyde – Though I also like Marquess Wilson (WR) Brandon Kaufman (WR) and Rodney Smith (WR) with this pick…

Gives us… 1 CB, 1 FS, 1 SS in first 3 picks. Adds teeth to our secondary. BUNCH of big hitting, ball hawking playmakers in those first 3 picks.

Gives us a truly explosive finesse RB to compliment Morris, and a possible return man.

Gives us a 5th round OL (to add to whoever we nab in free agency)

Gives us a WR/RB/QB in Denard Robinson who is nothing more then a human highlight reel. Explosive to the MAX!!!

Gives us a sleeper pick of either an insurance CB or a BIG WR for the red zone.

Assuming we fix our OL in free agency, I think these picks make us a VERY good team! I’d be ecstatic with just about any combination of players mentioned here. (short of 3 FS and zero CB)

This is just my two cents.  Worth exactly what you paid for them.  No more.  No less.

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