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Redskins Draft Recap: RG3, Cousins & the Other Guys

John Manuel

By DC Writer John Manuel:

The Redskins 2012 Draft was expected to be all about the trade and pick of Robert Griffin III.  One of the biggest draft trades and the choosing of a dynamic Heisman trophy winning quarterback quickly got overshadowed by a selection of another prominent quarterback by Mike Shanahan and Bruce Allen in the 4th round.  Bruce Irvin, the reaction of the wife of Russell Wilson, and Dontari Poe’s Princess Leah hair style took the back burner to the Redskins selecting a second quarterback.

Favorite Redskins Pick:

The cornerstone of the Redskins 2012 Draft class.

The RG3 pick is their best pick.  A potential franchise quarterback is well worth all the picks they gave up.  The difference from what RG3 is expected to bring to guys like Grossman, Beck, Ramsey, Brunell, Hasselbeck, etc. cannot be undervalued.  I actually am fine with Rex as the backup here even after the many turnovers.  Beck had to go.  The Buffalo game was a disaster.  RG3 brings what was needed it that game in Toronto, an ability to make plays, a real arm, real football smarts and real talent.  I was thrilled the moment I saw the trade with St. Louis and still as thrilled today.

Least Favorite Pick:

I’m not going to say I have a least favorite pick.  I will wait to training camp and the preseason to see what we got in the later rounds, but hopefully a steal.

Redskins Shocker:

Let’s go back to the Kirk Cousins selection in the round four.  National media is killing Shanahan for this selection.  I think it is unjust and here’s why.  This was not a Vinny Cerrato three receivers in the 2nd round type of move.  It was the fourth round, not the second.

I decided to randomly select a recent year where players should have developed by now.  I chose the 2008 draft and looked at the picks made in the fourth round.  Not many names that people have heard of.  Kory Lichtensteiger is there but we didn’t even draft him, Denver did.  Tyvon Branch and Red Bryant are the only guys drafted who stand out.  I know it’s said you build teams in rounds 4-7, but you get impact players in rounds 1 and 2.

Cousins has that second round talent, and someone down the line may be willing to give that up to get him.  This isn’t Ryan Mallett either.  It’s a well respected leader who if he plays well when needed, can be a Matt Schaub or Kevin Kolb tradeable talent.

And how was it last year at this time?  It was all about Grossman and Beck after we passed on the 2011 rookie QB class.  Most were out for Shanny’s head.  Now we have two guys who fans should believe in, not 0.  Who did we take in 2008 4th round?  Justin Tryon.  Would you rather have a reliable second QB or Tryon?  He hasn’t been with the team in two years and is on his third team already.  I know the comeback is Roy Helu was a 4th round pick and I love Roy Helu.  But it’s still wait and see how he fully develops.

The Other Picks:

Many also question the Josh LeRibeus selection.  Honestly I don’t know much on LeRibeus, but if we can get a future starter between him or Adam Gettis, I would be happy.   Going guard instead of a tackle like Donald Stephenson shocked some, but Shanahan and Allen have thrown a lot of smoke screens out in the past three years.

Keenan Robinson looks to be someone who will contribute as an inside backer for sure.  Working with London and hopefully with Perry Riley should give some needed depth inside to match the outside.

Year 3 of the Shanaplan:

The general consensus on this draft is more controversial than last year when we saw an impact player (Kerrigan), the making of a d-line monster (Jenkins), 2 RBs who showed promise (Helu and Royster), potential at WR (Hankerson) and quality special teamer (Paul).  The key to this draft is RG3.  If he becomes the star many expect, talk of Kirk Cousins, LeRibeus picked two rounds early and not having 1st rounders in 2013 and 2014 almost become irrelevant.

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