Reviewing the Redskins’ Offseason Moves a Quarter Through the Season

Washington Commanders

Promoting Bruce Allen to main roster decision maker:

I hated this when it happened and still hate it now.  I think this is a slow moving disaster that may even be moving faster than I thought months ago.  Dan Snyder needed to bring in a true player personnel guy and he failed here.  Which is no surprise since it seems Bruce is in line with what he wants to do.  We could go over all the moves of the past five years and try and figure out who is to blame, Allen or Shanahan, but until a real GM is finally brought in and has control I think it will continue to be ugly.  And I don’t see that happening anytime soon.


Hiring Jay Gruden as Head Coach:    grudenhired

I root for Jay Gruden because he seems like a good guy and it is way too early to know if the first time head coach is going to be good for the long term.  But he wasn’t my choice and I think they jumped the gun on Gruden.  I was hoping for a coach like Mike Zimmer who the Skins I don’t think ever talked to.  But Gruden is the coach and we have to hope for the best.

It has been up and down for me with Gruden.  The Houston game was awful especially not running any read-option with Griffin.  But I think he has done a good job handling the QB situation but there is plenty more to come on that.


Keeping coaches from the Shanahan staff:

Easily the biggest mistake that Allen and Gruden (if he had a say) did in the offseason.  I laughed when the Redskins, especially Jim Haslett, said the defense would change from the Shanahan days.  It has been worse the past two weeks and we are seeing the same we have seen from a low 20s defense for five years now.

Haslett and Raheem Morris needed to go and they didn’t.  And now we suffer watching the same no rush/no coverage defense that will most likely get lit up all season.  Losing Hall is big but not an excuse.  I fault Allen for this mostly but Gruden should have been smart enough to see what Haslett has done here and not accepted him as his defensive lead.


Giving Brian Orakpo the franchise tag:

For now this is looking as bad as bringing Haslett back to run the defense.  I have to admit that I was for this and even thought it was a good idea to sign Orakpo long term last January.  On pace for 2 sacks, Orakpo has not made a difference to earn the franchise, transition or any type of tag.  As we see that $12 million could have been used on depth and now it is hurting.  A guy like Antonio Cromartie would help this team now.  Mike Mitchell?  Yeah, a better buy.  Maybe a team with cap room this season could make an offer for Orakpo before the trade deadline and the Skins can get something back?

Signing a 30 something year old Jason Hatcher:

When Hatcher is healthy it has been a great signing.  The problem is he has already had two separate leg injuries that have held him back.  We saw what Hatcher can do at close to 100% and be dominant but the Giants game he wasn’t and the defense really struggled.  I am still down with this move and hope Hatcher having the 10 days off can get the hammy back to normal.  Lord knows they need Hatcher to be a monster or this team is done for sure.



Signing DeSean Jackson:

I was for this move because to me the contract didn’t seem to be a huge problem if it doesn’t work out.  Jackson has been quiet so far other than the bomb versus Philly.  But then again he suffered a legit injury the week before and I give him credit for getting out there a week later.  This is a let’s wait and see and hope DeSean turns it on once fully healed like Hatcher.  It will be interesting see how he does if this team gets to 1-5 or worse though.  I am still cool this move.







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