Fanspeak Tiers Simulator

Tiers data will be updated for the CURRENT week each Thursday evening. Thank you!

Do you play Tiers contests on DraftKings? If so, you may find this tool very useful!

Our Megan Shoup analyzes Tiers contests each week to find her core plays. She features her core and favorite plays on the Mayo Media Network and right here on each week.

The Tiers Simulator rotates through Megan’s core plays each week to give several lineup ideas.¬†We mix in 5% of non-core plays to hedge.

There will be two lineups displayed at a time. Click “Show More Lineups” as many times as you want for more lineup suggestions. As this tool is in BETA, at this time, you cannot download the lineups.

But we hope this helps give you a lot of good lineup ideas and suggestions!

Good luck!