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Fantasy Football Top 5: Last second fantasy thoughts

By John Manuel:

Each week we’ll add a new “Top 5” Fantasy Football primer (links below) to get you ready for the 2016 NFL season and your upcoming fantasy football drafts! Enjoy!


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1- Jamaal Charles may come back slow to start the season and I don’t care. 

I am not really in on Charles even if he was given a 100% go right now.  It comes a time when the injuries pay a toll and I see that now.  And Kansas City sits with two guys who did a good job when Charles was out last season so could he never get his true gig back?  Possible so not worth using a high pick to me.

2- What to do with the Redskins running back situation? 

Who knows?  And maybe no one should care right now.  Matt Jones is a huge risk coming back from a shoulder injury and then you have two no names in Robert Kelley and Mack Brown could be the focus on next Monday night.  Both have shown to be bright spots in camp but that is camp and the preseason.  And Washington couldn’t run the ball a year ago so it is a huge risk to go with these guys.  Outside of DC maybe you can pull Kelley late and get a shocker like Alfred Morris four years ago.

3- I think I still have faith in the two Denver receivers even with the Siemian call at QB.

Manning was awful last season and Thomas and Sanders still did their thing.  Now Siemian and eventually Lynch could be a mess but they will probably still be able to get the ball out enough to make it worth it.

4- One guy who could be a silent monster this season to me is Golden Tate. 

Maybe that isn’t a huge call but I am talking top 10 and maybe even better.  I remember when Megatron was out in the past and I rolled Tate in Draft Kings like an addict.  And it paid off.

5- One QB who could be a big time point maker this season is Colin Kaerpernick.  I am joking. 

Just tired of listening to the discussion all week and thought a joke was deeply needed.