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In Spain, the current season is special for its tense struggle for the Champion’s title. Today match live score can always be found on the sports statistics website, as well as current news, including ones about La Liga games. They are offered free of charge.


This year, an interesting fight takes place not only for the gold, but for places in the Champions League zone as well. Thus, Sevilla is among the candidates to qualify for the TOP 4. In this season, Lopetegui’s team is somewhat unstable and sometimes wins over their rivals may be followed by completely failed games.

Many direct rivals managed to take advantage of it, particularly Villarreal that had a great first half of the season. If you look at the live score today of the match, it should be mentioned that the Andalusians have a decent attack, but face problems with the defensive line from time to time. Because of this, the team missed many points. However, in the long run its chances to achieve the necessary result (to qualify for the top 4) look quite real. It is traditionally easy to follow the team’s progress on the sports statistics website.

Now you will always have La Liga results at your fingertips

There is still half of the season ahead: these are the upcoming games that will answer the main questions. La Liga results are available to you on the reliable resource, so you can check them at any time of the day.


As for the fight for places in the Champions League zone, the following factors can be favorable for Sevilla:

  1. Experience of many players. Last season, they managed to finish the season among the TOP 4 and even to win the Europa League. Now, to achieve the necessary result the team only needs to demonstrate the maximum of its capabilities.
  2. The skillful coach. Lopetegui has fitted in perfectly and found a common ground with his players. He always tries to use the opponent’s weaknesses to achieve the result he wants.
  3. Good teamwork of the players on the field.


If you look at the team’s results in La Liga, it should be mentioned that it performs rather well. Misfortunes happen, but they are not critical. All the team needs is to add stability and in the second half of the campaign it will be quite capable of gaining a foothold among the leaders. You can follow the club’s success on the sports statistics website. Given the density of this season’s schedule, you will need to visit the resource almost every day. Open the website and immerse into the world of exciting competitions!



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