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How to Score Cheap NFL Tickets

Steve Shoup

The NFL provides an entertaining and fun experience for all fans, especially if they’re watching live matches. However, ticket prices this year are higher than usual on the primary market and many fans are unable to afford the tickets. If you want to watch your favorite team playing without paying a fortune, these tips will help you get the lowest price for NFL tickets.

How to Get the Cheapest Price to Watch the NFL?


Don’t Rush

Waiting until the event is close is a huge risk, but sometimes it could pay off. Usually, sellers are willing to drop the price of the tickets as the event gets closer because they want to make sure that they sell them all. For example, tickets for the Chicago Bears last season were selling for $249 and just a few days before the game they went down to $195. Prices can be discounted with up to 47% right before a game. However, the risk here is when a team is doing well, and the demand starts to increase, the prices will increase too. There’s no doubt that buying the tickets a few days before the game is a huge risk, but when the prices go down, it can be worth the risk.

Know Your Options

One of the common mistakes that most fans fall into while getting NFL tickets,  is not checking different options before purchasing. Fans usually check the popular seller sites and avoid searching for other options thinking that it will not differ much in price. But if you spend some time searching for online sellers, you might get cheap NFL tickets and save a lot of money. However, before purchasing tickets from a different source than the popular ones, you should make sure that they’re a legitimate website and look at previous customer reviews. 

Who’s the Opponent?

Many fans just want to watch their hometown team playing live, regardless of who the opponent is. If that’s the case with you, then you can buy any game ticket that has the lowest price. One of the major factors that affects the price of tickets is if one of the teams has a successful history. You can, choose teams that struggled in the last seasons or during this season as their tickets will be priced lower than other opponents.

Getting affordable NFL tickets might seem like an impossible mission, but if you follow these tips, you can find tickets with prices lower than average. If you’re going to wait a few days before the game to get tickets, you should know that there might be a chance that all tickets might be sold out or increase in price. And if you’re willing to get tickets from an unknown source, you should check for reviews and feedback of previous customers in order to protect your personal details and make sure that it’s not a scam. Whichever way you choose to purchase your NFL tickets, think about the value and not the price; cheap tickets do not always mean good seats

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