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Adam Duncan, The World’s Best Basketball Professor

Steve Shoup

Such a statement is bound to draw a few questions and a skeptical look or two. Basketball professor? So, is he like a retired version of Dr. J, who is teaching because he is no longer playing? You know—because those who can do and those who can’t, teach.

If you take the meaning that literal and like to gamble, then you may need Adam Duncan’s help more than you care to admit– because that is what he does.

He helps people pick winners and is known as the “Bill Gates” of Basketball betting with only a Greek Bettor on the same level as Duncan when it comes to gambling on totals, spreads, and halfs.

If you do gamble, then chances are good you have probably looked online for help in the past. Maybe it worked for you; maybe it didn’t. So, why should you believe in Adam Duncan’s advice? What makes him the world’s best basketball professor?

To be a professor of anything, you have to know what you are talking about. You need knowledge; you need information—and you have to know how to read it an interpret it. It doesn’t do any good if you don’t know what that information means.

But Adam Duncan does. He has been called the NBA Lineup King because he can project NBA lineups ahead of any Vegas line. How is this possible? Because he has contacts in the medical field that can project minutes and playing time from the smallest to most significant injuries.

Knowing who can play and for how long can go a long way towards projecting lineups for NBA games—and outcomes if you know how to interpret the information and project how it will impact how the opposition plays.

Adam Duncan, the world’s best basketball professor, can do that. Duncan has an innate sense for how the game flows, and once won 27 NBA totals in a row.

Not impressed by him winning 27 consecutive NBA totals? How about this– a casino in Las Vegas banned him in 2018. Why? Because he would just sit at the sportsbook and bide his time as he waited for the opportune time to put some money down.

He was right more than the sportsbook was comfortable with someone being right.

Heck, if he is that good, then I think I’ll just follow him around at the local sportsbook and copy whatever he does. Yeah—but he’s keen to the tricks of people looking for free tips. As a result, he has been known to play NBA games 30 seconds before a sportsbook closes.

That way, he can avoid anyone “tailing” his information.

Okay—so, this guy is good. He understands the game, knows what he is talking about, and can translate information about teams and players into accurate picks. But where or how does he get the information he needs to make his picks?

Along with the contacts he has in the medical field, Duncan has a team of scouts around the NBA and even in the “D” League feeding him information. One thing that his sources and knowledge of the game told him is that he’s got a best bet of the season and it’s on a total that all smart bettors should follow (his best bet of the season).

Because of the propensity for player movement in the NBA, success doesn’t necessarily translate from one season to the next. It doesn’t necessarily take a professor to figure out what it all means. But if you are going to ask someone, wouldn’t you rather talk to a professor?



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