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Outrageous early predictions for the NFL season

Steve Shoup

The preseason is done and dusted, and the new NFL season is well and truly upon us. 32 sets of fans headed into Week One filled with hope and enthusiasm for the fixtures to come, and while some are elated and other deflated from the opening sallies, there is still a long season ahead of us. What better time, then, for some wild speculation and predictions? Remember, you heard them here first.


The Browns will make the playoffs


If you’d said this a couple of years ago, you’d have been laughed out of any town other than Cleveland and offered some life-changing odds on the sports books. This year, however, the smart money is on Cleveland and Pittsburgh to dominate the AFC North, like a throwback to the days when there was no such division. Of course, the Browns faithful say that every season, but this year, even the bookmakers believe, and if you take a look at https://www.unibet.eu, you will see they are offering even money betting odds on the Browns making it to the post season for the first time since 2002. 


But the Bears won’t


With the promise that Mitch Trubisky showed in his second season as quarterback and the play calling genius of Matt Nagy on the sidelines, this is perhaps a more shocking prediction than the first. However, the problem for the Bears is and has always been their defense. Expect the Vikings to dominate the NFC North, and the Packers to be strong. Chicago might well get off to a good start, but the final stages of the regular season will be brutal as they square up against the Eagles, Packers, Chiefs and Titans in the last four weeks. 


Carson Wentz will prove his worth


Having recently signed a $100 million contract extension, there will be a large spotlight on the Eagles quarterback. He’s an unknown quantity postseason, but his regular season numbers to date put him right up there in the top bracket alongside the likes of Drew Brees and Tom Brady. As long as he stays fit, he stands a good chance of taking the Eagles to their second Super Bowl in three years. The 7/1 odds on offer will certainly be tempting more than a few fans at this early stage. Want to go the whole hog? An Eagles vs Chiefs Super Bowl at 33/1 has to be worth two dollars of anyone’s money. 


Patrick Mahomes will beat the Madden Curse

The word “awesome” is overused in sport, but when it comes to Patrick Mahomes’ performance in only his second season, it is wholly appropriate. His 50 touchdown tally last season was the third highest in NFL history, and put him into an exclusive club alongside Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. The performance earned him the poisoned chalice of appearing on the new John Madden cover, and we all know where that can lead. While it would be unrealistic to ask Mahomes to repeat the heroics of 2019, we can expect him to break the jinx, however, with another strong season that will see the Chiefs dominate the AFC West and be the first to guarantee their playoff berth.



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