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Mike Tyson Becomes an Official Brand Ambassador for Parimatch

Steve Shoup

Mike Tyson and Parimatch have announced the beginning of exciting new cooperation. This year, this great boxer became the second world ambassador for the brand. Earlier this February, Connor McGregor signed a two-year deal with this betting company. Mike Tyson is an absolute world heavyweight champion, known for his fast knockouts; but he’s also the best-paid heavyweight boxer in boxing history. At the age of 20, he became the youngest heavyweight world champion out there, and no one has ever been able to repeat his success in the ring.


Tyson is the only boxer who has defended the title of absolute champion (WBC, WBA, IBF) six times in a row; and indeed, he’s one of the very few sportsmen who have left a truly indelible mark on world boxing history. Now he is going to represent Parimatch worldwide. Parimatch is a website used mainly for sports betting, which also features a downloadable app. It is no secret that it is extremely difficult to find a good betting app, be it casino app that pays real money, an app for sports betting, or a poker room app!


During a recent press conference, “Kid Dynamite” explained his decision to become a new ambassador for Parimatch, saying that both of them are committed to “being the best in the world.” The new role of “the Baddest Man on the Planet” was announced at the event, where he stated that he was going towards victory without any compromises, and nothing could ever stop him. This obsession with being the best, decisiveness and courage, a passion for what you do — it’s all about him and Parimatch. And that’s what helped persuade him to cooperate with them, during his talks with the company. He was eager to join the Parimatch team, as they are fuelled for success!


“This is all about dedicating your life,” added Tyson. “This is about Parimatch dedicating itself to be the best in the world, and that is why I put my name on the product, as I am also dedicated to being the best in the world.”


At the age of 53, Tyson still trains for three hours daily. Despite arriving one night before the conference, the boxer was in the gym a couple of times, because he “is programmed to do this,” if he doesn’t do that he eventually would get fat, out of shape, get sick and die.


His motivation to be the best originates from his schooldays, when the 11-year-old was “locked up” in a reformed school, back in 1977. He recalled that after the movie about Muhammad Ali was shown at his school, the Greatest came in, and all the kids went crazy. That day Tyson told himself that he wanted to be like him. The future boxer didn’t really know what he was talking about, as he had never seen Muhammad Ali fight, and knew nothing about him. He just wanted to be like him. And to have that respect people showed when he walked into the room!


Now, many years later, seeing how attendees of the Parimatch press conference are lapping up every word he says, it’s becoming obvious that the world-famous boxer has earned that respect. Tyson was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2011 and WWE Hall of Fame in 2013; and now he’s joining the ambassadorial team of Parimatch, along with McGregor. But of course, if they were ever to meet in the ring, Tyson believes he could still knock him out! 


Tyson has referred to McGregor as a marketing genius, because people want to see him; and they really are prepared to pay millions and billions for the privilege of doing so! He also explained that McGregor represents the future of the UFC, with his personality and passion. Combat sports thrive when the focus is made on individual achievements, not on working together. MMA needs to make changes in order to prosper in the future and to have individual athletes; as it’s impossible to take that many boxers into a room without having problems.


Tyson’s most important fight was with Larry Holmes, because he had beaten Muhammad Ali. Tyson went to their fight as a kid; and needless to say, he was very sad after it. He promised Muhammad Ali that when he got older, he would finally avenge him. He trained hard and got prepared for the fight, from morning till sunset. He woke up, exercised, ran, did more exercise. Then he walked to school, and at lunchtime, he went to the gym; after school, he went there as well. He spent all his time making preparations for the big fight.


With the whole world watching him, Tyson defeated Holmes, by knocking him out for the very first time in his professional career. After years of training, Tyson had finally avenged his idol; and in doing so, had finally managed to complete one of the most inspiring stories of the sporting world. However, this particular story was very far from marking the end of his exciting journey!


He fought in the ring 15 times more and even regained his heavyweight champion title after having lost it. In 1990 he lost his champion title to Buster Douglas in a Tokyo fight, because of his lack of mental preparedness. Being in perfect physical form, he was defeated for the first time in his professional career in the tenth round. But after this loss, the boxer recovered in his next two fights, which were against Henry Tillman and Alex Stewart. 


This boxing hero finally hung up his gloves in 2005; and ever since then, he has been focusing on his family, businesses, and partnerships with numerous brands. Tyson has appeared in several documentaries and TV shows about his personal life and career. Besides all this, he founded the Mike Tyson Cares Foundation, which helps children from poor families. In 2019 Tyson also launched Fight to Fame, an entertainment platform which boosts the performance of fighters with the help of blockchain technology. 


In conclusion, he says that the whole experience with Parimatch is going to be “out of this world.” He’s very grateful to be part of the Parimatch team, and he’s certainly looking forward to a great experience: he’s going to be involved with the very best people out there!



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