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How a Soccer Jersey Brought Nigeria to the Streetwear Scene

Steve Shoup

Anyone even remotely interested in fashion will be aware of this well known truth: fashion trends always return.


But despite that truth some developments in the sports fashion scene are still surprising. The trending items to check out: Nigeria’s soccer kit from the 2018 Soccer World Cup.


Fans of the team don’t have to settle for items from the secondary market anymore. Over the past few weeks some stores started selling the kit again. It’s a restocking of the original kit so Nigerian fans get the same quality and impressive designs the national team showed off on the field.


Why the Renewed Interest?


The question is why this is happening. Not many sports outfits come back on the market. Usually the trends center on new items such as when new technology produces clothing that’s more comfortable or appropriate for physical workouts.


Somehow the Nigerian kit made enough of an impact that manufacturers had to respond to the need. And a need there was, even though the national team was already out of the competition (with bets and sites such as https://www.bettingsites.ng going against those odds ). Fact is that months after the 2018 World Cup the Nigerian soccer outfit was still a popular item on resale platforms such as Grailed. And items didn’t go cheap as prices were as high as $295 for the home kit.


Award Winning Design


Perhaps the unique scenario can be attributed to the aesthetics of the kit.


The arrow-like design on the jersey is stylish but also carries some historical value as it’s actually inspired by feathers. This symbol refers to the team of 1994. This Super Eagles made such an impression in international soccer more than two decades ago that the world started noticing this African team. The flower design of the warm up kit is unique and makes one think of natural beauty synonymous with the African continent.


The use of the word ‘Naija’ is also an attractive feature that appeals to the youth. They use this nickname to refer to the new Nigeria. For those who want their clothing to showcase their national pride, this kit is an automatic choice of outfit. This could be why so many fans turned this into their daily apparel.


There’s no question that a lot of time and effort went into creating the unique pieces. No wonder the kit was considered for the Beazley Design of the Year award. This is an award often won by fashion greats such as Gucci, so Nike did an impressive, world class job on the kit.


Of course, along with the impressive look wearers get to enjoy wearing items that are designed with comfort in mind. Fans get a functional as well as impressive looking outfit.


In the 1990s a soccer team made the world notice Nigeria and now the national team’s outfit once again makes the world look twice. The outfits went from helping athletes perform to dominating the streetwear scene and this trend is still going strong.


An Outfit for Every Occasion

If you were wondering, most of the original kit went on sale in June. Fans are snapping up their favorite pieces from the warm up kit, Naija logo kit and Nigeria’s team jersey.


But fans are also loving the extras of 2019 as a few matching shirts and tracksuits are now also available. Nike even added footwear, board shorts and a bucket hat to match the kits, making the range even more appropriate for the everyday streetwear market.


Part of the attraction could also be that there’s something for every taste. Each piece is unique and the different looks cater for various fans’ personal tastes.


Local Wear Going Global

Let’s be clear though: it’s not only Nigerian fans who are placing orders. In 2018 the jersey sold out almost immediately after being released. There were rumors of millions of pre-orders, though these numbers weren’t officially confirmed. But still, the large number of sales shows that soccer fans from various countries and nationalities fell in love with the design.


Fans can also be grateful for the restocking when it comes to their budgets. The new stock costs a little less than those sold on the secondary market with prices ranging from $62 for a T-shirt, just over $90 for the kit and the tracksuit costing around $110.


One more reason why a soccer kit keeps on making a comeback is the renewed interest in the sport thanks to this year’s Women’s World Cup.


Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure: Nigeria now makes an impact in sports AND the fashion world. Fans will have to place orders soon to prevent missing out on the latest trends again.



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