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How To Maximize Your Athletic Performance

Steve Shoup

Working out is extremely beneficial for your body and health. The more you exercise, the better you will feel, especially when you start to see a noticeable transformation in the structure of your body. However, once the body has gotten used to a certain routine and intensity, it hits a plateau and requires you to exert more effort in order to see better results. 


Here’s a few tips on maximizing your athletic performance:

Make sure you have the right shoes

Using the right trainers for the right sports is essential not only for preventing injuries, but also for maximizing your athletic performance. When going for a run, it is important to use a specific sports training or running shoes according to the trail you’re taking, in order to get the right cushioning for your feet. This will not only protect your ankles, but also help you make use of the advanced technologies that aid in making the feet bounce off the trail faster and improve your speed. The right shoes can help you run further distances, feeling lighter and faster. 

Eating a healthy diet at the right time 

While eating a healthy diet is extremely important in promoting athletic performance,  the timing of when a meal is eaten, as well as its components is also essential. In order to have enough energy to perform your absolute best while working out, it is important to ensure that you eat carbohydrates before your workout. Bananas, oats, dried fruits are all packed with carbohydrates which will give you the energy you need to get through the workout. 

After you’ve finished exercising, the muscles need protein for repair and growth. It is essential to get protein into your body within the following hour after the workout. Foods high in protein such as Greek yoghurt, meat, and fish are a great source of protein. But, if you find it difficult to head home and prepare a meal within that hour, a protein bar or protein shake might be a good solution to get the intake your body needs. 


Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water allows the body to be active. While working out, the body loses a large amount of water in sweat that needs to be restored. That’s why it is important to drink enough fluids ensuring that your daily intake should be between 2-3 litres a day depending on your level of exercise. Water is important as it flushes out toxins in the body and allows it to function well while hydrated. 

Get enough sleep 

When the body is sleep deprived, the energy levels are decreased. That’s why it is vital to get a regular good night’s sleep in order to be energized and focus on your workout without feeling exhausted, lazy and fatigued. 


Taking care of your health and ensuring you’ve got the right gear will help you improve your athletic performance and strengthen your body. Practice makes perfect and so it is crucial to continue exerting enough effort and continuously challenging yourself, as well as changing your routine in order to get the best results possible.  



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