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7 Benefits for Students Who Play Football

Steve Shoup

Football has become the world’s most popular sports game in the 21st century. Of course, for those of you who live in the US, that is not the case because American Football (NFL), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), and hockey (NHL) are the first four preferred sports while soccer is the next in sequence.

Nevertheless, football is the most-watched and preferred sport across the rest of the world. And this doesn’t apply only to adults but also to children and teenagers. If you’re a student living in Europe, you have probably played or at least watched this amazing sport too.

Football is a healthy, competitive, and fun game to play. You don’t have to be in sports to realize that! Football (or soccer- as Americans call it) is super entertaining, that being one of the main reasons why so many people prefer it so much.

In today’s post, we’re going to explore the 7 main benefits gained by students who play football on a regular basis. If you’ve never understood why football is a great game to play, this post will help you get it once and for all.

Football Improves Problem-Solving Aptitudes


What happens during a football game? There are 22 players that make individual and common decisions. During a game, there will be many instant “problems” that need to be solved right away. When someone approaches you, you can either dribble, pass, or shoot. This is a decision you must make, and you must make it quick.

My extensive experience working with students who order essays, assignments, and dissertations at Edubirdie helped me confirm (over and over again) that students who play football on a regular basis are much more confident in their decisions.

Quick and without hesitation, they manage to get out of “trouble” in most of the harsh situations they face. Interestingly enough, students who engage in eSports present the same enhanced qualities!

Football Improves Health


Students playing football on a regular basis should stop worrying about cardiovascular problems and diseases. Besides the fact that physical exercise lowers cholesterol and body fat, the constant jogging and running keeps the heart rate up, training it on a consistent basis. The increased blood flow during a football game releases stress, decreases anxiety, and prevents depression.

Football Shapes Your Physique


Let’s face it – it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman – your physique matters. While you play football, you’re putting every muscle at work, toning your body and making it beautiful over time. That will not only help you attract beautiful looking people but will also improve your professional career.

Football Increases Bone and Muscle Strength


You’re a student now, but you won’t be forever. As you grow old, your bone density slowly decreases. Football is an excellent sport that strengthens your skeletal frame. Not just that, but it also skyrockets your lower body muscles strength and body flexibility. You’ll be able to sprint, jump, and twist better than anyone who is sedentary and avoids sports!

Football Increases Cognitive Performance


Every decision you make during football match must be quick and smart. Quite obviously, your brain is working at an accelerated pace to keep your subconscious mechanism (heartbeat, blood flow, etc.) in a balanced state while also dealing with many other choices (when to pass, when to shoot, etc.).

Therefore, as you keep playing, your cognitive skills keep improving. Studies have already proved that football aids cognitive development, which means that every student who plays it will improve his concentration, willpower, self-discipline, problem-solving skills, and much more.

Football Builds Teamwork Skills and Integrity


While you’re on the pitch, you’re never alone. While you play, you’re pursuing a common goal and responsibility. In a team of eleven players, all of you matter. Each individual decision must be taken in order for the game to be won. When you defend, you need to push yourself to your limits – otherwise, your entire team might suffer consequences.

Football is about winning. It’s a competition and an intense game that develops your teamwork capacity and your integrity as an individual.

While team play and teamwork represent one side of the coin, the fair play represents the other. While you play football, you’ll learn to have respect for your adversaries regardless of the result. That is called integrity, and it’s one of the rarest traits you’ll find in today’s society!

Football Improves Self-Discipline and Self-Esteem


Football, like most of the other team sports, improves both self-discipline and self-esteem. Scoring a goal, giving a great pass that leads to a goal, defending the post from a dangerous shoot – these are all small yet precious moments in which players gain confidence. Confidence is linked to self-esteem, while self-esteem is linked to success!



If you play (or want to play) football while pursuing your academic career, you’ll become a better individual overall. The mental skills and the physical qualities that students gain while playing this amazing sport are undoubtedly beneficial not just during school, college, or university but also throughout their entire life.

Of course, you don’t have to become a professional football player to enjoy the game. You need to learn the basics and keep playing, and playing, and playing until you enjoy the game more, and more, and more. Football can become and remain a lifetime hobby that will constantly boost your mind, body, and relationships!



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