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Airsoft Sniping: The Right Sport for Those Adrenaline Junkies

Steve Shoup

This is one of the coolest sports and games that anyone could ask for, if you’re searching for that rush of excitement and adrenaline, then this is the sport for you. It’s safe and is governed by rules that must be followed. Take a look below at some helpful information about Airsoft Sniping as a sport.

What Is Airsoft Sniping?

This is a competitive sport where teams compete against each other casually and for fun, there are objective-based matches or death-match type of games using realistic imitation firearms. According to the people at TheEliteDrone, if you want to hit your friends from long distances while remaining unseen, then you’ll need an Airsoft sniper rifle. The pellets used in these replicas are called BBs and, because they don’t contain any paint or any other sort of coloring like paintball gun fighting, the game requires people to be honest. It is mainly based on honor as players have to come out clean and say whenever they’ve been hit by a BB pellet. 

Rules And Restrictions That Helped Make It Successful

The game has adequate restrictions that a lot of Airsoft sites and fields have to consider, to make it safe and legit, and there are laws that changed things to make it so. Under the new Policing & Crime Act of 2011, the official legal limits on the weapons must be limited to the 350FPS using 0.20g / 1.2 Joules, 400FPS using 0.20g/ 1.5 Joules, and 500FPS using 0.20g / 2.4 Joules. The Act itself is not simply a legal obligation but it actually helped to establish this game to be seen as a legitimate sport. That’s why there has been a surge in competitive Airsoft and so many variations of game-play styles.


Image source: https://pixabay.com/photos/airsfot-airsoftguns-replica-airsoft-3774816/

The Game-Mode Choices

There are a lot of cool and different popular game modes such as “Capture The Flag”, “King of The Hill”, “Team Death-match”, and many more. Some game types will need you to have more experience than others, or it could require you to play a part in a specific role like being a “Medic”. Sometimes you could be playing a role of a civilian in a hostage situation game, there are so many different styles for you to choose from. Always remember that you’ll be part of a team and it would be better for you all to play to your strengths, so make sure to always communicate with your squad mates to ensure victory!

The Type Of Replicas Used

There are a few different types of replicas that you can choose from. They can be gas-powered, spring-powered or automatic rifle powered by a battery. All of them fire 6mm BBs and, depending on their ability, you can shoot in automatic, semi-automatic, or bolt action, it differs in their power output measured in FPS. They come in different colors too so they can match your camouflage costumes. 

The Rush You’ve Been Looking For

As you can see, this sport is so riveting. You can pretty much play with anyone and have a blast in the great outdoors and plan smart attack strategies. Being in a competitive atmosphere and the need to get those bragging rights is just so good to pass. Just remember to have fun and play fair! 

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