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Best Pieces of Advice for Students Eager to Play Basketball in College

Steve Shoup

So, you were one of the best basketball players in your high school and now are eager to make it to the next level. Playing basketball in college requires more professionalism, skillfulness, commitment, and constant striving for self-improvement. Chances that you’ll be made a part of a basketball team immediately after getting into college are slim, meaning that you’ll have to prove that you’re a valuable asset. You should also note that your physical fitness, perfect basketball skills, and burning desire to play college basketball are not enough to actually start playing alongside the best basketball players. You shouldn’t forget about academic performance that also matters greatly. It’s a common misconception that educational institutions turn a blind eye to sportsmen’s poor performance and allow them to graduate to maintain their prestige. Successful basketball players must be able to balance their basketball life with other college routines such as attending lectures, participating in workshops and seminars, taking an internship, and dealing with tons of assignments that pile up so mercilessly. Lots of students avail themselves of professional writing companies’ services to get their homework done on time. You can also explore Edusson.com writers that are in the front rank of international academic writing companies, according to Paidpaper.net. Allow professionals to take care of your assignments and get more time to devote to polishing your basketball skills. Now it’s about time you availed yourself of several useful pieces of advice if you really want to become a successful player.

Love Game Not Laurels

Though it may seem weird, but there are lots of players out there seeking fame and appraisal. They associate basketball with applause, admirers, and countless bonuses that allegedly offered to every successful basketball player. Of course, some the most talent players get a basketball scholarship and do enjoy some privileges. But they never fall behind educationally. To the contrary, they strive to get the best grades to be able to continue their basketball career in the future. Experienced basketball coaches note that the best player is the one who love game for the sake of game. He or she revels in the process, strives towards victory, and is eager to deal with the challenges that are numerous. You should keep in mind that playing basketball in college is a full-time job. Odds are good that you’ll be missing such major holidays as Thanksgiving or Christmas once you make up your mind to join the ranks of desperate college basketball players. Also, note that playing time won’t be granted to you merely because you a team member. You will need to earn it by demonstrating your prowess. Needless to say, only a person who is in love with basketball will withstand all difficulties and continue conquering new heights.

Find a Mentor

It is not without reason that we teach our children to follow the examples of the best. You’ll definitely need someone to serve as a role-model to you. Once you find your mentor, ask him or her for advice and try to cultivate admirable qualities and capacities within yourself. It doesn’t mean that you should seek meetings with such legendary players as Michael Jordan or Shaquille O’Neal who are undoubtedly worth being emulated. It can be your coach or a senior basketball player who has objectivity and wisdom to inspire and guide you on the path towards success.

Have Advanced Skills and Serious Work Ethic

College coaches choose only those players who exercise due diligence and work really hard to develop the necessary basketball skills that can be developed over the course of years of practice.  If you feel that you lag behind other players, get in the gym and work on the skills you lack. Make sure to work out at least 3 hours per day, apart from playing basketball. Improve your physical strength, gain speed and quickness, and stick to your goals. Be coachable. Be sure to comply with all directives but don’t become discouraged in the face of failure.Improve your endurance, coordination, and athleticism, which are indispensable physical tools you definitely should have at your disposal.


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