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Top 10 Football Coaches Earning The Highest Salary In The Industry

Steve Shoup

Behind the success of a football team, you can always find the appearance of a genius coach with his brilliant strategies. Leading and guiding some of the top teams in the world, these ten coaches below are those who got paid the most in the industry:

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Rafa Benitez (Newcastle)

On March 2016, Rafa Benitez officially became the new coach of Newcastle on Saint James’s Park to help “The Magpies” prop up the dangerous situation of getting deranked in Premier League.

However, his effort at that time was still too late to pull up the team. Newcastle still lost their place in the League and had to compete in the Football League One.

After a year of retrieving their position, Rafa and his students finally got back on their rank just right before two last rounds of Championship League was about to end. Thus, for all of his “giant” achievements, Rafa Benitez got a well paid of 5.4 million euro/year.

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Pochettino (Tottenham)

In the history of Spurs, never had anyone received the salary as high as Pochettino. This Argentina coach has helped the White Hart Lane club play lots of uplifting matches in Premier League recently.

Despite not having any titles, Tottenham’s gameplay under the guidance of Poch is extremely impressive and promising. Therefore, the director board has increased the salary rate of this coach up to 6.6 million euro/year.

Allegri (Juventus)

Three years after coming to Turin, Max Allegri has achieved so many things for Juventus. He’s truly a great coach who boosted this Italian team to rank up continuously in Champions League after a long, absent period.

Besides, Max Allegri also helped to uphold the domination of “the Old Lady) – the nickname of Juventus in Serie A and successfully built a Juve following his style with lots of changes in human resources.

Therefore, it’s reasonable why he’s favored and gets paid 7 million euro/year.  

Conte (Chelsea)

Starting to work in Stamford Bridge on April 2016, Antonio Conte has got the weary Chelsea back on their feet and led “the Blues” to the victory in the final of Premier League in the season of 2016-17.

For all the achievements Conte gained, the salary rate of 7.8 million euro/year is in the palm of his hand.

Klopp (Liverpool)

This German coach, who has a strong personality, helped Liverpool revive in the final stage of season 2015-16. Currently, “the Kop” is thriving with an incredible number of goals in both the domestic league and continental league.

As revealed, he earns 8.3 million euro/year at the moment!

Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)

In his old contract expired on June 2018, Zidane only received the salary of 4,25 million euro/season (tax included). Of course, this brilliant coach, who is the leader of Real Madrid – a world-class football team, deserves more than that.

Therefore, in the extended contract with Zidane, the director board of Real Madrid has increased his salary by two times making it 9.5 million euro/season. This will be equal to the wage of Antonio Conte of Chelsea and Jurgen Klopp of Liverpool.


Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)

In 2017, his salary reached 10 million pounds sterling/year despite the pressure of many Arsenal fans who asked to fire him from Emirates.

Simeone (Atletico de Madrid)

As a talented coach, Simeone has helped Atletico break the unshakable domination of Real Madrid and Barcelona and become the champion of La Liga season 2013-14.

Besides, he also brought back a Spanish Super Cup, a Europa League title, and two times of being in the final of Champions League for Wanda Metropolitano club.

With the accomplishment and his effort, currently, he’s one of the highest paid coaches in the world with 15 million euro/year.

Jose Mourinho (Manchester United)

“The special one” has signed a 3-year contract with “The Red Devils” with the enormous salary rate of 54 million pounds sterling, which means 18 million pounds sterling/year.

With this, Jose Mourinho by default turned the salary the rich Man City football team for Pep Guardiola into a humble rate (15 million pounds sterling).

Also, Mourinho also got paid two times as much as what Van Gaal received from Old Trafford. This number is also way higher than the salary of 13 million pounds sterling Chelsea paid this Portugal when he was their chief coach.

Guardiola (Manchester City)

With his world-class talent, Pep Guardiola deserves to receive the highest salary in the Euro – 19 million euro/year.

Under the guidance of this ingenious Spanish strategist, Man City promises to go far in Champions League as well as has a high chance to become the next champion of the season.


So, what do you think about them? To work with these best strategies, football clubs have spared no expense. But overall, compared to what they’ve done and achieved, there is no reason why not doing so.

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