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NFL Wagering Option – Teasers

Steve Shoup

The start of the 2019 NFL season is just three short months away. Now is the time to start thinking about new wagering strategies that might deliver the winnings last year’s strategies neglected to bring. The NFL betting tip for today involves using teaser bets that are available on pretty much all reputable online sports books.

Of course, downloading one of the best betting apps is a great way to ensure you can place bets more efficiently, but it does very little to increase the likelihood of winning on a consistent basis. That’s left to the NFL bettor finding the right betting angles.

Explaining Point Spreads and Over/Under Lines

Since not all NFL teams are created equal, bookmakers use point spreads to even games up from a betting perspective. If the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots are playing at home versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, bookmakers will likely assume the Patriots should be favoured to win the game by 7 points. As the favourite, New England’s line would be posted as a minus or -7 while the Steelers’ line would be as a plus or +7. To determine the winner of a bet, the bookmaker will take the final score of the game and subtract 7 points from New England’s score or add 7 points to Pittsburgh score with the winning team then having the higher point total.

As an alternative to picking a winner, gamblers might choose to bet a game’s total. The game’s total would be the final total score for the two teams combined. For the New England/Pittsburgh game, the posted total might be 44 points. Bettors can wager that the game will go over or under that total. If the game lands right on the total, the bet is a tie and all wagers are refunded.

About Teasers

Sometimes, a gambler might not be able to formulate an opinion about a particular game based on the posted line or total. If they still want to wager on the game, a teaser bet might be a good alternative option. A teaser bet gives the player 6 to 7 points they can use to adjust a line or total by for each game on a betting slip. For instance, a 6-pt teaser on the aforementioned total of 44 points would allow the bettor to adjust the total up or down by 6 points to 38 or 50, then betting on the over the 38 or under the 50. Some online casinos will even allow the bettor to “tease” the same game both up and down. If betting the game’s point spread, the bettor could adjust the line to either New England – 1 or Pittsburgh +13. Not bad, huh?

Caution: Teaser bets carry one important stipulation. The payoff odds are adjusted down to reflect the perceived extra advantage given to the player. Additionally, the player will have to wager on at least two games on the same betting slip. As a point of reference, a two-team teaser usually pays even odds, plus the bettor has to win both bets on the ticket. A two-team accumulator pays 13-5. On most online sports books, the bettor can place as many as 6 teams on the same teaser betting slip. The payoff odds would be 5-1, notably far less that the 20-1 odds paid for a 5-team accumulator.



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