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The 3 Crucial Benefits of Compression Arm Sleeves, besides the Looks

Steve Shoup

If you are like most people, the very first time you saw, an athlete sport an arm sleeve you were swooning at how dapper it looked and how much swag it added to the otherwise normal looking sports gear. If you are an athlete yourself or an aspiring one, then we would like to educate you on the various other reasons athletes rock arm sleeves. Yes, one of those reasons is because it does look cool.


Arm sleeves or to call it by its proper name, Compression running arm sleeves, are much more than a fashion statement and have increasingly become a mainstay among athlete sprinters, soccer players, and bikers to mention a few.


Here is why many athletes are beginning to buy into the fad and why you should too as an athlete or aspiring athlete.


  1. It aids Compression to your arm swell

If you are involved in sports that take a long time to complete, like the marathon, meter races, soccer, etc. your body is likely going to experience some muscle vibrations and tears in your arms during the course of your exertion. These induce an inflammatory response in your body and draws excess fluids to your arms causing some noticeable swelling. Wearing compression running sleeves.

If for some reason you don’t like the look of compression arm sleeves while running, then you can also put it on after the run as a recovery tool as it increases blood flow which in turn removes the lactic acid that has built up in your muscles during the run. This fastens the recovery process.

  1. It Protects from the Sun


This is perhaps one of the most common functions of running sleeves.  Exercise is absolutely necessary, and we all try to hit the gym from time to time, but real exercise junkies prefer the thud of their shoes on a hard-warm floor than the scrapping of their shoes on a treadmill.


Running under the sun may be exhilarating, but it also exposes us to the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Increased exposure to these rays has been known to increase risk of skin cancer.  Running sleeves with high UPV factor will help drastically reduce your skin’s exposure to these rays. It’s far more comfortable and beats the clammy feeling of sunscreen any day and any time.


  1. It works even if your temperature changes


Imagine for a moment that you are about to start your run and it is a bit chilly outside. The time is about 7 am and so you decide to rock a long sleeve Tee and bounce onto the road. As you continue your run, you find that the sun is beginning to come up and you are beginning to feel hotter. You have two options, deal with it, or take off the long Tee. If you go for option 2, you’ll probably have to deal with the burden and interference of a shirt tied to your waist or around your neck for the rest of your run… annoying isn’t it?


Now in your mind, replace the Tee with a pair of running sleeves, what do you do when the weather gets warmer? You simply roll the sleeve down to your wrist and continue running. See? Works any no matter the weather.


Whether you just want to look a little cooler during your runs or you are wise enough to fight cancer before it has a chance, buying a compression running sleeve offers you benefits both ways and more.



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