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7 Tips to Write an Essay about Your College

Steve Shoup

Writing a college application essay seems to be simple: you just talk about how much you want to enter it. But it’s not how an essay about your college should look like to be appealing. You can browse through StudyMoose to see that a lot of such essays tell the same things over and over, but you need to stand out. Here are some tips on how you can do it with just one essay.


Don’t State the Obvious


Describing the reputation of the college or listing successful graduates does not explain why you want to go to this particular college. People who will read your essay know all of this. Instead, they care about you as a potential student and not about those things that are already evident for them.


Avoid General Information


In addition to the previous tip, talking about general information about the college, such as its location or size, does not characterize you as an applicant. Again, it’s already out there, and no one needs to be reminded of the facts about the school. These aspects won’t tell why this particular college appeals to you. Similarly, it won’t explain why you matter to that college.


Appeal to Arguments, Not Emotions


The information you include in your essay about a college is not the only thing that matters. The tone and manner in which you write will also play a significant role in what impression you make. If you only repeat how you like the college and how eager you are to be accepted, you’re not likely to sound persuasive.


Therefore, you need to be neutral in describing the assets of the school. Don’t use a simple language; choose meaningful words that will actually reflect your view. Most importantly, appeal to arguments in your essay and support your statements with reasons why you think the way you do. As for what arguments to use, continue reading.


Tell About Your Skills and Knowledge


An essay about a college is a wonderful opportunity to introduce the best sides of you. List and discuss all the skills and knowledge you have, even those that you consider not to be important. Tell which ones you think are the most significant, how they define you, and why you see the value in them.


Be sure to mention your interests, qualities, and traits. These will help the reader to get to know you and learn what kind of person you are. To make it more effective, mention some of the goals you had and how you achieved them as a way to demonstrate your determination and the problem-solving skills.


Don’t hesitate to show your worth, but don’t brag. Instead, you should show that there are things and experiences to be proud of.


Highlight What You Seek in a College


While general and obvious information should be omitted, you still have to talk about the college in some way. To achieve this, you can list the details that make this school stand out for you. These are the professors, classes, or activities that the college has. Since you’ve mentioned your interests, including these details will help to back up your choice of an educational institution with evidence.


Eventually, you’ll end up looking like someone who has done the research and thought well of the options available to make a reasonable choice.You have to understand is college worth the cost.


Emphasize the Perfect Match


Having listed all your skills and the aspects of the college that appeal to you, emphasize that you are right for each other. Since simply mentioning these is not quite persuasive, you need to show that the college will help you to fulfill your potential because of the matching vision. Similarly, you may refer to the mission of the school to highlight that you have the same goals. Address the fact that such a match will ensure your successful collaboration and benefit both sides.


Show That You’re Ready to Be Active


Another way to show that you are both familiar with the vision of the institution and consider it to be a suitable choice for you is offering to start something. Discuss what change you would like to see on campus to which you can contribute, such as a new club. But you should not make empty promises – find something that would be really interesting to you that the college lacks and offer to implement it with your participation.



Writing an essay about college is not difficult, although it does require to filter the information you include. Remember that a college application essay is a chance for you to introduce your strengths and explain your choice. With these 7 tips, you’ll be able to write a simple and constructive essay about your college.



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