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3 Expert Tips For Successful NFL Betting

Steve Shoup

Are you planning to bet on the NFL and profit from it? Well, you have arrived at the right place! If you have been watching NFL games, betting would add a lot of excitement to the game.  Not every bettor ends an NFL season with a profit, but with the use of right strategies, you will surely have the edge over others. You need to bear this mind if you want to make a profit at the end of the college football betting season, you will have to place at least half of the bets successfully. Try using these  NFL betting tips; you can surely make some money this season:

Tip-1: Effective Bankroll Management

Even before you place the first bet this season, you should have a sound bankroll management plan.  The best way is to have a weekly bankroll or monthly bankroll, or you can decide about a full season bankroll right at the start of the season.


You are planning to bet, and you can afford to lose USD 5000 with affecting your regular expenses. Then this is the amount that you can use as a bankroll for the season.  As a thumb rule, you should make use of 2 to 5 % of the bankroll for each bet.  Thus you can place the wagers starting from USD 100 and max USD 500 is the largest wager that you can make. For smaller plays, you can place smaller wagers, and for the plays that you like, you can raise the amount to USD 500.

Mistake To Avoid- Many novice bettors make the mistake of increasing the size of the bet when they start winning. Then when you begin to make losses, you start placing bigger bets to chase the losses. NFL season is long, and you need to manage the money smartly to ensure that you place the wager on plays you like!

Tip-2: Pick the Right Game

Don’t be a bettor who tries his hands at almost every game! It creates a problem and is a recipe for disaster. As mentioned earlier, if you want to make profits at the end of the season, you must place bets that offer some value or ‘edge’ and then capitalize on them.

You should first think what an edge may look like and then place the bets based on the same.  It is perfectly fine if you make five bets in a week, 3-4 bets on the other and just 1 or 2 NFL bets in the weekend.

Mistake to Avoid- You should not place bets just because you want to make the game more exciting. For making profits, you should find a few good plays on every weekend and bet with your bankroll as mentioned earlier.

Tip-3:  Don’t Get Into Emotional Betting

  • You should make bets with a sober head. Drinking and betting is a losing combination. If you drink too much while placing bets, it will impair your judgment.
  • Losses are part and parcel of betting, and even the best one lose. But if you get emotional with this, you may start to make poor decisions. Make sure that you have a clear mind when you are placing the NFL bets. It is necessary that you are at your best when placing the NFL bets.

Mistake to Avoid-  Never get emotional with betting!

In the End,

These are a few tips that you should keep in mind in college football betting. Not just will you make gains but will make better bets in the time to come.



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