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Students Get Health Benefits Playing Football 

Steve Shoup

Football is one of the most popular games among young American boys. Do you know that football has surpassed baseball in terms of the nation’s leading sport? Football is a specific game, which teaches discipline, teamwork, and complete dedication. Football also helps improve physical health. Many American students are motivated to do sports. It is away to stay fit, and be social.


Students who engage in sports while studying are very busy. If they do sports as a future profession, it does not mean they can ignore other subjects. If you have an exam on literature soon and have to present, for example Frankenstein essays, you can order it online and spare some time for the football match.


Let’s have a look at the primary health benefits students get playing football:


Improved work ethic

As a rule, students play one football game per week, but practice happens not less than five times per week. It is a real commitment and hard work. Once you start playing football with passion and devotion, you will see positive results on the way you play and your body as well. Keep on polishing your skills.


Anti-stress activity

When you play football, a lot of adrenaline rushes through your body. It helps to get rid of stress. That is why you see most professional football players are very calm. They do not have the tendency to depressive or aggressive behavior, even when they are out on the football field. It helps students relax while taking exams and take on new challenges with ease.


Overall body workout

When you play football, you perform a lot of great body movements. The game involves kicking, twisting, turning, and throwing. Students have to sit for a long time in classrooms. That is why an overall exercise is vital to keep fit. Football is a sustained and so-called “stop-start” game, which builds long-term fitness. Students who want to burn fat choose football.


Mental workout

When young people play football, the game maintains a healthy level of endorphins, which are responsible for keeping your positive mood stable. Busy students tend to suffer from anxiety and depression. By playing football or doing other physical exercise, they alleviate symptoms and get rid of dark moods naturally. If a student wants to become more social, football promotes such integration.


Teamwork activities

Football teaches how to be selfless, cooperative, and how to work hard for the team. Your football coach will emphasize such qualities from the very beginning. You will learn how to become a team and how to function and play together. It is a good practice and lesson, which you will carry over into daily student life and future work.


Powerful cardio exercise

If you want to be good at football, you must understand that it will require a lot of running, jumping, and changing directions. You will not find a better aerobic and anaerobic exercise to awaken your body after sitting for several hours in the classroom.


Interval training

Football is a sport, which combines slow and fast movement. Plus you can add lots of sprinting. Such activities make your heart work at different paces. It is a great interval exercize  to burn body fat. Such overall fitness is essential for young people.


Enjoyable activity

The game is very challenging and exciting. You get a good workout even without noticing it. Playing football, students forget about being bored and depressed. If you always find excuses to skip the gym, try such team games.


Improved cardiovascular system

Football will always keep you active and in action. It engages the cardiovascular system as a whole. You will increase longevity, reduce susceptibility to diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.


Healthy for bone density and mass

Young people who play football require having a special diet with a high intake of protein and carbohydrates. The activity will improve your mass and bone density. When you become older, you will reduce the risk of joint and bone-related diseases.


Students who consider becoming professional football players and build a bright career should consider applying for a full athletic scholarship. It is one of the biggest dreams for all student-athletes. It is the starting point to join the NFL. Obviously, it is not so easy to get selected for such scholarships because it requires a great deal of preparation, training, and planning. Be patient and dedicated to your dream and work hard.


Start preparing as early as possible. Recruiting is a long process, which can take years for college athletes to get dream results. When you are still in high school, you should take courses, which will satisfy the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and do not forget to check what the core course requirements are. To gain NCAA eligibility, students will have to complete several core courses. We recommend visiting the official website of the NCAA, which contains an informative PDF worksheet that allows tracking academic progress. You will find out additional information about how to transfer your credits into eligibility.



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