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Your 101 Guide to Fantasy Sports Betting in 2019

Steve Shoup

Online sports betting is reaching all corners of the internet and has finally reached our wavelengths in the online realm. Surprisingly enough, fantasy sports betting, is just as popular as betting on live sports including NFL, NHL or football games. These forms of sporting activities attract numerous punters from around the world and bring in millions of dollars to the online gambling industry. Now that online sports betting has positively impacted fantasy sports as a whole, here is what you need to know about it.

What is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports is when likeminded individuals put together a team of renowned players, who would most likely never play in an actual match or game, and the players are the ones competing against each other for the ultimate winning scenario. The winner battles his way through the online sporting field that is factual information, stats and votes. Live betting involves a battle of wits and as one can imagine, it can be incredibly challenging.

How Fantasy Sports Betting Works

The basics of fantasy sports betting remains more or less the same from game to game with an exception here and there. Here are the basics:

Once you have joined an online fantasy sports betting forum, you will then need to choose draft your own personal team of professional sportsmen. Chosen from a specific league and a specific sport, most fantasy sports matches are based on big league games such as NFL, NHL, Ice Hockey, NBA and baseball.

A fantasy sports match can last anywhere from a day to a week. The winning team is the team that earned the most points.

How to Create a Sports League and a Team

Once you have found a site to sign up to and have created an account as a member you will then progress onto the next step which requires you to select which kind of match you want to partake in. Take into consideration you will need to choose from a number of stakes, opponents and how long you choose the fantasy match to last for.

The next step is getting a team of other players together by choosing players with active profiles within your salary bracket.

All that’s left to do then is keep an eye out on the stats and hope your team wins.

Popular Sports to Bet On

If you are thinking about joining an online fantasy sports betting team or you want to create your own you can expect to find the following sports on popular online fantasy sports books; football, baseball, golf, NASCAR, MMA, eSports, ice hockey and basketball.

The trick to winning a wager betting on a fantasy league is knowing the sportsmen in play, their strategies, weaknesses and strengths. After all bets have been placed and the game begins, you can expect the same amount of online adrenaline as you would expect betting on a live sports game online. The exception is, here is where you will find the most successful sportsmen in history come back into play.



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