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New York Yankees Injury List Lengthens Adding Gary Sanchez as Number 12

Steve Shoup

It would appear that the New York Yankees woes grow greater than ever before as Gary Sanchez will be the twelfth MLB baseball player to be added to the official list of injuries the team have suffered since the beginning of 2019. Rounding the total number of injuries to an even amount of 12, and potentially affecting your MLB betting lines at 888 Sport New Jersey, best you change those odds.

On Friday, the 12th of April 2019, Sanchez was placed on the 10 day injury list after complaining about strain he was feeling in his calf and leg a few days before on the Monday. Some would say they expected the injury to leave Sanchez on the bench after a harrowing season for the MLB New York Yankees.

Friday alone claimed 4 players and sent them off the field until further notice; the middle of April being the soonest the first will be welcomed back. The updated list includes Troy Tulowitzki with a calf injury and only expected back by mid-April soonest, Dellin Betances with a shoulder injury and only expected to be back in the game only at the end of May, Aaron Hicks has succumbed to his back injury and will only be back in play round the 21st of April and then Gary Sanchez followed suit by hurting his calf and only expected to be back the end of the following week.

Now that Gary Sanchez is out of the game Austin Romine will be the starting catcher of the team. The beginning of the series of injuries began as a domino effect on the 23rd of March with Jordan Montgomery sustaining an elbow injury and only expected back in August. Almost 2 weeks after that Miguel Andujar and Giancarlo Stanton obtained injuries benching them until the end of April, beginning of May. The injury list grew darker just 2 days later when another 2 star players, Ben Heller and Jacoby Ellsbury were inked down on the list for foot and elbow injuries. Then just before the updated list came in on the 12th of April, Didi Gregorius was sent home for an elbow injury and is only expected back mid-June.

Some are calling this outbreak of injuries ‘the injury bug’ and it’s easy to see why. From one key player succumbing to his injuries to an additional 11 Yankees being benched for longer than 2 weeks at a time, there does indeed seem to be an outbreak of an injury bug or an outbreak of bad luck. One thing is for sure, fans are getting restless and are wondering if this is the end of a bad breakout or if the bug is there to stay and claim more. Needless to say the change up of players has added some fuel to the game and the opposition is lapping up the breakout, but will this allow the spotlight to shine where it should have ages ago, or will the Yanks take a knock? Only time will tell.



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