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Can New England Patriots win Super Bowl LIV?

Steve Shoup

Whilst the Patriots’ gruelling 13-3 win over Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII wasn’t the prettiest of games, it proved that this team are easily amongst the all-time greats. Ever since Bill Belichick was appointed head coach and joined forces with the almighty Tom Brady, the New England Patriots have become the team to beat in the NFL. But do they have what it takes to go on and win a record seventh Super Bowl when Super Bowl LIV kicks off in Florida in February 2020?


The bookmakers are already taking bets for this highly anticipated showdown, and it’s little surprise to find that the Patriots are once again the favourites to pick up the Vince Lombardi trophy. However, it’s also clear that they have some considerable work to do if they are going to extend their winning ways.


Interestingly, many people seem to think that Kansas City Chiefs could be in with an excellent chance in the new season. The Chiefs raced to a commendable 12-4 record in their AFC West division last year, and they will still feeling hard done by in their 37-31 AFC Championship defeat by the Patriots. However, with some great draft picks including the likes of Emmanuel Ogbah, it seems as though the Chiefs could be a force to be reckoned with when the new NFL season kicks off on 5 September.


It’s also clear that you shouldn’t discount the Los Angeles Rams in the upcoming season. The Rams caused shockwaves in the NFL thanks to their surprise wins over the likes of New Orleans Saints and Dallas Cowboys towards to the end of last season. With a very strong team set up for the next season, it seems that the Rams are more than ready to lead a footballing renaissance in Los Angeles after so many years in the doldrums.


Speaking of the Saints, they will be working twice as hard to set the record straight after the hugely controversial decision in the NFC Championship game that cost them their appearance in Super Bowl LIII. With Drew Brees back for his nineteenth season and Malcom Brown ready to bolster the Saints’ defence, we think that 2020 could easily be a big footballing year for New Orleans.


But what’s going on at the New England Patriots? The defending Super Bowl champions will certainly be missing their legendary tight end Ron Gronkowski who has just announced his retirement from the game and there are even rumours that this could even be Tom Brady’s last season with the team.


Team owner Robert Kraft will be hoping that the Patriots come back in style after his recent legal trouble. The businessman may have found success with his Boston Uprising esports team in the Overwatch League that can be wagered on at many of more esports specialist betting sites, but there are fears that his legal issues could overshadow what should be a vintage year for the Patriots.


There are still plenty of signs that Belichick could add hugely promising players like Deebo Samuel to the Patriots line up, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how things progress over the coming months. It remains to be seen how the tight end position will work out, and there are also concerns about the rushing ability of the new-look Patriots side.


So could the upcoming season mark the end of an era for New England Patriots? In the past decade there has been little doubting the basic fact that the Patriots have become one of the all-time great NFL sides, and all things must come to an end eventually. Plus with other highly rated sides like Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts and even Chicago Bears looking good, we think it’s going to be a fascinating season. But with the likes of Tom Brady in the game, the Patriots could be good for yet another Super Bowl triumph.



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