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Physical Education, Sport and Youth Development

Steve Shoup

Work without play, you must have been told, makes Jack a dull boy. The question is how does it apply to the development of youths, not only in sports but also in education?  Well, schools should emphasize more than teaching students on how to become successful by also factoring in physical education. It could be in the form of playing baseball or partaking in mind relaxation exercises or anything that works.

After looking at a few samples of https://studymoose.com for order online, you may want to explore holistic benefits of physical education by writing an essay, and it’s not a bad way to start exploring this subject. It is because according to studies, sporting at school comes with many benefits, most of which are positive impacts.

This post, therefore, helps you learn more.

Physical education in schools and its impacts on socialization

Come to think about it.  You go through high without getting to know most of your classmates only meet them later on in life. First, introducing yourself to them becomes difficult, and one always feels embarrassed. You will have a lot of explaining to do regarding how you know or recognize them. It could get worse when a former school mate whom you recognize is your only bridge to networking with someone with whom you would wish to strike a business deal.

Now, taking into account such awkward situations which are bound to happen, at least once in a while, teachers must emphasize the socialization aspect of physical education. It does not only help students cultivate social skills but also learn life’s most important survival skills such as networking. Schools shouldn’t just be environments for learning but also places where students develop strong social fibers for lasting relationships.

It is also noteworthy that sports educations have always proved instrumental in routing out certain traits from students. It is very unlikely that a student holed up in his or her own world (an introvert) will enjoy college life. It is a trait that more often than not keeps away potential friends, lifetime partners and acquaintances. You may want to ask, how then does physical education sport change one from an introvert to an extrovert? There are many ways to look at it, and it starts with a desire to find essays online on the subject. It is because dealing with extroverts requires more than just a skill or socialization, but also knowledge of their personality traits.

Education and sports for physical developments in youth

Getting students involved in sports within schooling environments equally has various implications on their physicality. It is arguably the most practical aspect of youth in the sport that requires little to no measurement of progress. You can always observe improvements that take place in students from the time they start partaking in physical exercises.

You may want to do essay research papers on this, but make sure to take note of the following:

  • Sleep patterns. Students that exercise, or partake in physical activities at school experience improved sleep quality.
  • Improved mobility and physical fitness. As one grows, and in this case, students in their early stages of schooling, development shouldn’t just be about having a strong grasp of lecture notes. Motor skills that learners develop throughout their stay in school are equally vital towards their success.
  • Levels of concentration in a classroom. Moreover, essay term papers on the development of physical education should also emphasize how sporting activities improve concentration. It is where the phrase, ‘work without play makes a Jack a dull boy,’ fits the bill, and arguably, the most outstanding benefit.

Emotional development through physical education

Youth in sports within the context of academia can hardly survive through difficulties without mental fitness. Every game has its own rules, but that only helps with the realization of self-discipline among students. Studies show that emotional intelligence is sometimes more important than having the know-how on problem-solving or critical thinking.

According to psychological studies, emotional intelligence (EI) is being able to discern, beware of, control and express one’s feelings freely. The most important aspects of EI are guarding against your emotions judiciously, development of strong interpersonal skills and dealing with empathy. Think about a vulnerable student, and you will get a picture of someone who hardly exercises.

With adequate physical education and physical activities in schools, especially when it is still easy to condition students to do certain things, the payoff is a stable emotional intelligence among other benefits such as the following:

  • Stress reduction. Physical exercise helps students cope with stress.
  • Physical education improves self-esteem, in which case, students who exude high levels of emotional intelligence are confident, disciplined and well-behaved.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, teachers should engage students in sporting activities very often. It nurtures physically fit, emotionally strong, intelligent, confident and most of all, academically bright students. Moreover, it’s a surefire way of imparting important life skills into learners who are oblivious of challenges ahead but lots to live for. From moral uprightness, cultivation of leadership skills to teamwork, physical education and sports are indispensable and make for a good topic on which to order essay writing from an essay site.



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