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Football Betting in UK: Beginners Guide and the Top Rated Football Betting Sites

Steve Shoup

If you’re new to the scene of football betting in the UK, the number of sites luring you to place a bet may seem overwhelming, but they’ll actually help you. You certainly don’t want to toss your money around haphazardly, the great thing about football betting is that you just need a few necessary tips to help you get started on the right foot. There are a bunch of things to know about football betting in the UK, but the most important fact is knowing that no professional better became an expert without building experience!


Here is a quick beginner’s guide to help you find the top-rated football betting sites in the UK as well as tips behind getting the best offers and informative daily reviews!

The Three Crucial Starter Tips Before Betting

Double Odds – beginners usually start with double odds as it has an easy chance of winning. The concept behind it is that the odds of a certain outcome are doubled. They’re available on diverse types of sports too! The best way to get out of double odds winning is looking over  www.footballjunkie.co.uk to get detailed reviews on upcoming matches and finding the right bet available for you. With reviewed matches, you’ll be able to ace the perfect bet on the match you want with almost no losses.


Deposit Bonus – the type of bonus you get when you make real money deposit whilst betting. Depositing gives you greater advantages while playing. It basically gives you more money to play with, which means a higher chance of winning. So make sure you review the process for awarding your bonus in each site you bet on, as it varies from one to another


Free Bets – a quite similar concept of depositing bonuses. Free bets are the types that can be placed from casinos, bookmakers or other outlets that aren’t the bettor. They’re made to grab the attention of new customers or existing customers. However, they don’t come with a fixed amount so it would make sense if you look over betting platforms for free bets.


The Best Betting Websites!

Grosvenor Sports

Grosvenor has a full line casino, plus odds on thousands of sporting events. You can place a bet on any of the football games on the schedule, plus watch your game’s progress live. Grosvenor Sports earns a spot on your top-rated list because of this dedicated focus on football.

Mansion Bet

Football bettors looking for an excellent welcome bonus will want to visit Mansion Bet. Mansion Bets posts odds on various sporting events, including every Premier League match.


One of the top football betting sites available in the UK is 888Sport. They offer live betting every minute of the day. You can bet anywhere using the 888Sport app. They also have one of the most diverse lists of sports and events to bet on.

Bet Smartly, Win Wisely!

With football betting, practice makes perfect. You need to look over what platform will suit your betting style and choices. Some platforms can be perfect for others but not for you. This is why we recommend you try several ones and find the perfect one then. With the crucial tips we’ve provided you with, you should have no problem starting to bet right now!



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