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Top 5 Best NFL Player of 2018

Steve Shoup

Everybody knows that the National Football League is made up of the most excellent players. But with regards to this elite unit of athletes, which or who position reign supreme? It should come as no surprise that the QB position would feature prominently in this kind of exercise. At this point in the schedule, the race for the Most Valuable Player is too close to announce. If you like sports betting we encourage you to check out this bwin review.

So, instead of trying to guess who will win the award, below are the top NFL players for season 2018.

  1. Khalil Mack, DE, Bears

Even after surrendering 380 passing yards to Osweiler last week, Bear still leads the way when it comes to defense. Many other Chicago’s defense members like Eddie Jackson, Akiem Hicks have played at their best this 2018. However, Mack is the rug which ties the room collectively. His presence has improved each aspect of manager Vic Fangio’s unit. With his firmly on the brain, opposing QBs are getting rid of the ball significantly faster that makes the secondary job simpler. As Khalil absorbs double as well as triple teams, the line stunts of Chicago turn out to be more efficient, and their players get single-blocked often.

  1. Drew Brees, QB, Saints

You would believe that this 39-year-old player would need to slow down eventually, however, don’t bet on this being the season Drew falls off the cliff. He is playing at the highest level this season. In five games, Drew finished 77.9% of his passes. He has an average of 8.7 yards for every attempt- both would be a career high over a full season.

He has finished lots of passes in the line of scrimmage this 2018 NFL season. However, do not confuse the 2018 version of Drew for dink and dunk artists. Drew Brees has two forceful pass catchers in Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, and his correctness at each level of the field is the best in the NFL. He is able to threaten defenses anywhere, and he is dropping throws each time he likes.

  1. Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers

Drew is not the only old NFL player that is getting into the excitement of the pass-happy NFL 2018 season. Philip Rivers has also been stellar for the offense which ranks third at present in DVOA passing next to Chiefs and Rams, the only teams the 4-2 Chargers have lost to this season. Rivers and Co. are utterly rolling at present, and this 66-year-old QB r play is the most vital reason why. He has finished 68.6% of his passes on 8.8 yards for every attempt with fifteen touchdown passes as well as three interceptions. Pro Football Focus commented that Philip has a 115.9 passer rating once under pressure this 2018 NFL season. No other Quarterback has a rating higher than 100 once the heat is on.

  1. Aaron Rodgers

Packers struggled to get the ball past middle field when Rodgers went down in the previous season.

There is no player who is more helpful to a franchise than him, and there is no player that is better and skilled than Rodgers. The flick of his wrist, mobility, as well as touchdown-interception ratio, and his accuracy and attention to every detail, Aaron is no doubt one of the best players in 2018 NFL season. The Packers shouldn’t be any better. However, they are because of the supreme talent to ever step foot on the field of football.

  1. Le Veon Bell

He is considered one of the most versatile NFL players and the Steelers will rue the day forever once he leaves.  He has the ability to alter the game in many phases, and as last season proved, can change seasons. He was the only NFL player with north of four hundred touches last season.


These are the list of the top 5 best NFL players of 2018. The game is not yet over. There is a chance for other players to step up.



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