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Trendy Outdoor Basketball Shoes in 2018

Steve Shoup

Going for a new pair of good basketball shoes is quite an intense endeavour. This is because there are a lot of things one must do and look into before making an educated choice. These methods could range from being updated with the latest releases to reading customer reviews and many other methods. It’s quite intense, as you could imagine. Nevertheless, we will make your search easier by showing you the new hot basketball shoe products that exist in 2018. As mentioned, there are many factors that are important but for simplicity we will look at the durability of the shoes, their aesthetic design and the unique features they have.

1. NIKE Men’s LeBron XIII

The first model is one of Nike’s celebrity signature models which is the “Men’s LeBron XIII”.  Because the model is tailored to aid James LeBron’s ankle rolling issues, it comes with an impressive support system. This is quite useful for players with ankle injuries or who need that extra support for their athletic pursuits. Also, it does add a hint of extra mobility. Nevertheless, it is there to add extra support more than anything.


Another feature in this model is that they come with Micro Zoom Air cushions which add a extra comfort and durability to the shoes. This is important because there have been a lot reviews complaining about this issue in previous models.


To sum it up, Nike’s Men’s LeBron XIII is one of the new trendy models that has appeared in 2018 and has gained acclaim for not only its impeccable aesthetics which is a given with these models but also for its fantastic support system and its impeccable durability. Click here to know more about these models or the other ones that we will discuss.  

2. NIKE Mens Air Force 1 High 07

The next model, “Men’s Air Force 1 High 07”, is based on Nike’s more classic models which is the. This model is super trendy right now not only because of the resurgence of 90s aesthetics in pop culture but also because of the many features the model provides.


The first feature would be durability. This model might be one of the most durable on the Nike roaster. They can withstand the roughest court and movements. As well, they come with a support system for your ankles which is a plus. This is based on a more old school design which took into account injuries and shoe damage which is something you rarely see these days.


As well, this model is probably the only one from the previous ones that could be used as outing shoes with its beautiful colors and design. Not to mention, it’s pretty hip right now with the resurgence of 90s aesthetics. Just like how Netflix got “Friends” back on, Nike brought back their old legends but with a new flair.

3. Under Armour Men’s Curry 4

Other than the outer look of this model, what makes this Under Armour pair truly unique is its special features. It can be noticed that the company had maximum speed, control, and comfort in mind while designing this product.

First, the use of an internal sleeve increases the grip the shoe has on the ankle. The knit sleeve allows for an even tighter fit than usual as it makes it easier for the shoe to accustom itself to the shape of your ankle.

Second, having a thick foam midsole offers increased support for when fast movements are needed; the midsole handles pressure originating from several areas in the foot which results in increased comfort.

All in all, the pair seems to bring a lot to the table; if we had to sum its description up in under three words, we would use the term, all-round.

Wrapping it all up

As mentioned, shopping for basketball shoes is a very confusing ordeal because of the vastness and dynamism of the market. Nevertheless, we have provided you an overview of the best shoes that exist right now which have gained a lot of popularity and have a lot of features. Now, choose wisely.



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