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Investing In a Canopy Brings Us Back Outdoors Again

Steve Shoup

There is no argument that it is better for us to be out in the fresh air then it is for us to be cooped up inside. With our dependence growing on technology, our connection to the outdoors is steadily decreasing, and our ability to withstand the elements is decreasing right along with it. As soon as our bodies experience a little rain, wind, cold, or heat, we want to retreat right back into the comfort of the indoors.

What if you could find a happy medium? What if you had a simple 10×10 canopy? You could be outside enjoying the activities that you love, but still be protected from the harshness of the elements that make you feel a bit uncomfortable.

Being outdoors has a number of advantages for our mental and physical health. Not only does it improve our immunity, provide us with Vitamin D, and fresh oxygen, it is also great for the mind, as well. Being outdoors helps you to exercise, improve your concentration, and provides you an opportunity to connect with nature and be away from your screen.

There are other benefits to being outside as well. It is a great opportunity to socialize and to have larger gatherings with family. Sure, weather is not always predictable. However, think about how many activities we all enjoy having outdoors. Businesses thrive with events such as job fairs, festivals, and fundraisers that are held outdoors. Families enjoy reunions, weddings, and birthday parties. Individuals enjoy reading, playing outside with their children, and watching them participate in a number of sports. Even those who work in the sports profession are faced with the dilemma of needing to be outside covering a game, but they have to endure the discomforts of bad weather conditions.

Having some protection from the outside elements can provide some comfort without having to retreat indoors. Sometimes, just a little protection from the wind, rain, or sun, provides enough comfort where you can enjoy the great outdoors, but not have to endure annoying elements that cause you to retreat indoors in the first place. Having a canopy provides a perfect balance; you can bring a portable shelter outdoors that still provides an open-air experience.

The great thing about canopies is that they are portable. They can be taken to events, gatherings, or even to your own backyard. They are typically user-friendly and can be opened by one or two people with ease. They come in a variety of styles with custom printing, to styles that can match different types of architecture. Customers can find ones that have screened in walls to protect against bugs and other elements, or ones that are open on the sides. Different sizes are available, too. You can host larger gatherings, or just protect yourself. Many options are available, but 10×10 canopies are definitely a popular option.

Having a canopy expands the ability of people to experience the outdoors much more. This allows them to live a much more comfortable and free existence. Have you ever been to a child’s sporting event and saw the parents who had a canopy? Did they seem much more comfortable? Are you a business who always seems to miss out because you don’t have the set up for an outdoor fundraiser like other businesses do? It seems as though almost everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and for good reason. It is common sense that having a canopy is a must-have in today’s society.

It is time for individuals to begin experiencing the outdoors again. Sure, we have become accustomed to the comforts of the indoors. No one enjoys getting wet, being cold, or having the sun beating down on us. However, there is a solution. We can take charge of our mental and physical health by investing in a canopy so we can be comfortable and enjoy the benefits of being outdoors again. Many of us miss opportunities because we are not wanting to be exposed to the elements. Investing in a canopy is a simple solution that is not only cost effective, but it is practical and can suit a number of situations.



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