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10 Must Have Soccer Fan Items

Steve Shoup

Soccer fans are the most enthusiastic about the sport and the teams they support. Being a fan of the sport, there are some items you cannot miss that say you are a soccer fan. Clothing items are quite the in thing for many fans. Nearly every soccer fan has a jersey of their favorite player. In addition to the common soccer fan mementos, here are 10 more items you can choose from when buying your next keepsake.

1.     Street Sign

How about christening your home in the name of your favorite stadium? This one will undoubtedly be the stadium of the team that you support. A street sign is easy to customize and not difficult to put up. Most come with mounting holes. It does not require maintenance or additional costs once you have purchased and installed it.

The bonus about showing your love for soccer via a street sign is that it lasts for long – even after you switch clubs. There are 2 main types of soccer fan street signs based on the colors used on the sign backgrounds and lettering.

2.     Fleece Blanket

Stay warm under the cover of a fleece blanket branded in the logo and colors of your favorite team. It is quite easy to find a suitable fleece blanket if yours is one of the international soccer clubs. There are also many sellers of general soccer branded fleece blankets. Some fleece blankets you may find have players on them, or soccer slogans.

Fleece blankets are made of synthetic fleece. It is a lightweight alternative to wool that gives you a soft blanket with incredible warmth. Fleece blankets are generally less expensive than traditional blankets. Make sure to follow the instructions on yours to enjoy a long life out of it.

3.     Key Chains

A good keychain keeps your keys well organized and secure. Popular football clubs have key chains featuring their logos and players. Soccer fans looking for something small to remind them of the sport they love should just get a keychain and all will be well. Key chains can be clip-on or not. Those that have a clip are more secure since you can put them on your belt loops.

Custom key chains are available in most stores. You do not need to make special requests to get them – in most cases. When buying your soccer fan key chain, consider its weight. You do not want one that is too heavy in your pocket.

4.     Lapel Pin

Get a custom lapel pin with a soccer ball or logo of your favorite team. Lapel pins are basically fashion accessories. They are small, easy to wear and quite eye-catching. A lapel pin communicates subtly about your preferences, likes and personality.

Loyal fans of any soccer team should have at least one team lapel pin – if not more. You can buy generic designs of lapel pins or have one customized by Vivipins. They do a great job on custom pins, have no minimum orders and deliver fast.

5.     Gym Bag

Heading out for a little exercise? Bring your soccer gym bag with you. Gym bags typically have drawstrings at the top. The drawstring forms the loops by which you carry the bag. Branded gym bags are easy to come by and yet very effective at showing your love for soccer. They are emblazoned with balls, names of soccer players or logos of teams in most cases.

6.     Book

Being a soccer fan is no easy undertaking. You need to constantly bush up your soccer knowledge. Watching matches or attending them at stadiums may not be enough to inform you enough. Reading a book is a great way for soccer fans to get facts about the sport, players and their teams.

There are many books about soccer that you can purchase. Some cover the soccer sport in general while more specific ones are about individual players. Some football clubs and national teams also have published books. They are available both in bookstores and online.

7.     Bracelet

Soccer bracelets come in many shapes and sizes. They are a unique item that soccer fans can have with them. Your bracelet does not have to come off every other day. It becomes part of you and your identity, just as soccer is part of you.

Any serious soccer fan should have at least more than one soccer bracelet. One could feature your team and the other could be about the sport itself. National teams also have bracelets of different types which they sell.

8.     Holiday Baubles

For those times when the celebration mats are out, soccer fans do not have to be let out. You should have something up there saying a soccer fan is in the house even as other decorations are put up. That is why you need one of these holiday baubles. They are easy to use, not too conspicuous, and last for long.

Holiday baubles are made using light, yet strong plastic. They may be dabbed with some reflective paint before getting a touch of the team you support. Once the festivities are over, your baubles go back into their box until next time. If you don’t want to wait for the holidays, you can hand a set of 3 such baubles in your personal spaces such as a room at home.

9.     Drinks Bottle

Sports fans are undoubtedly very conscious about their health. They are aware of the importance of hydration when in the stadium stands. Cheering your team does not have to come with thirst, carry a drink with you. A drinks bottle comes in very handy there. It can hold water or any other beverage of your choice.

Drinks bottles for soccer fans may have a ball on them, or their favorite team colors. Some have the names of players on them or their faces. A football drinks bottle is great even for your daily use. It does not look out of place at al – it is just a drinks bottle!

10.Soccer Bag Backpack

Soccer-inspired backpacks are a welcome companion when going for a match. They are also great for outdoor activities such as hikes.

Your soccer bag backpack easily carries important stuff for you such as your water, ball and other components of kit. You could also throw in something warm to wear if you suspect the weather will change. Unfortunately, soccer backpacks may have very flashy colors that you cannot bring to the office.

These soccer fan items are unique and not difficult to find. You will not waste your time and end up tired hunting for them. Sports stores, shops and other retail outlets that stock mementos, sports equipment or general stock will have at least one or two of these. You also do not need to have them all – just pick 3-4 of them and purchase them. They help soccer fans easily call attention to the soccer sport and their teams.



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