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Where it all Began

Steve Shoup

Many of us love to have a go at predicting the outcome of a game whether that is who is going to score the first goal or who is going to be the outright winner in WOW or similar, the anticipation of choosing what will happen then putting some hard cash down on that choice really does bring another element to your favourite game.

Much like predicting where the roulette ball will fall at a site like ConquerCasino.com and then waiting for the wheel to slow down and finally stop, we hope that our choices will be good ones and earn us some extra cash, but it might surprise you just how long sports betting has been around.

In fact, we know that the first record of sports betting taking place dates back more than two thousand years ago as the Greeks are well known for loving their games leading to the evolution of the Olympics and where there were sports people would enjoy a wager.

After Greece, the love of having a bet on an outcome of a game moved to Rome where it was eventually legalized and Romans are known to have bet on the outcome of the gladiator games, a gruesome fact when you know your gladiator history.

Even after the games stopped gambling survived and spread to other principalities and kingdoms.

There was a movement by some religious leaders in medieval times to ban gambling which had the effect of forcing sports betting underground and just like modern times it existed very well and also grew as increased numbers of sporting activities were introduced.

Having a bet on horse races was extremely popular in England and remains so with events like Ascot, The Gold Cup and of course The Grand National attracting owners from all over the world. Horse racing was soon adopted throughout the world and especially in the US where it was widely enjoyed by a vast number of people.

Sports betting obviously relies on the number of sports events that people are allowed to bet on with Europe having a massive market, The US is also opening up with several states legalizing sports betting.

Not only is sports betting fun and exciting it’s also a multi-billion dollar business which can generate massive revenue for the gambling industry and also the off-shoot businesses that arise.

Here to stay, sports betting is set to take hold of the US whilst those of us who are used to wagering on an outcome can enjoy even more chances of our predictions coming true.



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