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A Beginner’s Guide in Picking the Right Choice for Your Soccer Shoes

Steve Shoup

Making the right choice for your soccer shoes depends on various factors. One soccer shoe can be perfect for one person and at the same time can be bad for another. It might seem confusing to pick the right type so here is what you should think about when trying to pick your soccer shoes.


There are three main thing you need to consider.

1 – The ground

A huge factor in what shoes to choose for soccer is the type of ground you’re playing on. If you are playing on a soft grass ground where it doesn’t rain often then picking a firm ground shoe is better. Usually this will have conical studs or blade shaped studs. Conical studs will give you more flexibility while blade shaped studs give you more traction on the field.


Playing in a field where it often rains or there are many soft spots will require soft ground shoes. This type of shoe also has conical and blade shaped studs, however, there are only six of them per shoe. These shoes will provide more traction.


If the field you are playing on is worn out and the grid is shown then you need to wear hard ground shoes that offer the best traction as well as more balance and less digging into the ground.

2 – Position

Another major factor is your position on the field. Depending on your position you will need different types of striking zones. For example a forward would be more concerned with scoring more goals, therefore will need a larger area on the shoe for a strike zone than other players on the field.


A midfielder would benefit more from a shoe that is comfortable because he would be running across the field throughout the whole match. So make sure to get shoes with plenty of support as well as comfortable insoles and outsoles.


If you have a defensive position then you will need a pair of shoes that have tougher outsoles to withstand the damage they will face. You should also get shoes with good traction because you need to be able to move directions quickly and maintain your balance while doing so.  

3 – Your feet

When choosing soccer shoes you need to make certain that they are the correct size for you. To ensure that they are the right size, make sure that your toes are not touching the walls of the shoe. There should be about a baby finger’s space between your toes and the walls, if there is more than that then it is too big.If you have wider feet, then you will need to look into various brands because some make shoes for thinner feet while other manufacturers make shoes for wider feet.


Remember that your choice of soccer shoes will affect how you play on the field. It will affect how fast you move and how strong your kicks are as well. You will be wearing them a lot during practice and matches so you should be very careful they are the right ones for you.



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